One of our favorite places for creative inspiration is the hardware store, and today we'll turn a couple inexpensive hardware store basics into bright, bold pieces of softwear. ;)

We think these necklaces would go swimmingly with a pair of Duct Tape Feather Earrings, a Chevron Braid, or as an accent piece with a couple Nautical T-Shirt Necklaces.


– nylon twine (the brighter the color, the better!)

– hex nuts (we used 5/16 inch and 1/4 inch ones)

– scissors

– tape

Your project begins at your local hardware store. In our case, we headed to Robert's on Haight Street. The nuts and bolts aisle is basically your new favorite bead store. Grab a handful of colorful nylon twine, and be on your way.

For our first necklace, we did a thick long yellow number. Start with 12 pieces of yellow string, about 5 feet long each. Tie them at the top and start braiding. When your braid reaches about 15 inches in length, it's time to start adding nuts.

String them on one by one, after each braiding motion. For this necklace, we used 9 1/4 inch nuts.

Braid the rest of your necklace and tie off the second end. One side should be slightly longer than the other.

Tie this side around the other one to clasp your necklace.

Repeat with orange twine.

And white twine.

And for under 10 bucks, you've got three hot new pieces of neckwear!

This same method could be applied to bracelets, or even festival-ready headbands.

So lovely!

Where are your favorite places to get creatively inspired? Do you have any sweet ideas for turning hardware into softwear? Leave us a note in the comments below or say hi on Twitter.