Clothing, scarves and bar stools are all fantastic ways to utilize good ‘ol granny’s crochet techniques — but we’ve never seen a collection of crochet like this.

New York City artist and master of all things crochet, Olek, has taken her crazy-awesome expertise to another level (once again) in a series of SHOES! Included is a wedge bootie, a flip flop, a peep toe sling back and a sandal pump. All beautiful pairs are intricately designed with floral patterns and beautiful, bold colors. Oh, and unfortunately, these are not for sale (or to wear).

Influenced by movies, Olek’s work is unbelievably stunning, and the shoe collection is just a small preview of the rest of her resume. She’s plastered everything with crochet from room interiors to crochet billboards to crochet trains.

Yep, we said trains.

…and bicycles.

Olek’s work has been all over the globe. She showed off her mad skillz at Miami’s Art Basel, decorated a room for The Animal Ball in London and adorned the facade of a museum in Russia. While she’s been at it for quite some time, we can’t wait to see what Olek comes up with next. We love when makers showcase their craft in a new light that allows us to experience out-of-the-box thinking. It’s seriously inspiring, not to mention mind-blowing!

What’s the craziest crocheted object you’ve ever seen? Let us know in the comments or tweet us a pic @britandco!

(h/t Designboom)