As the 2016 Olympics kick off with the Summer Games next week, we’ve got the fever. The *best* athletes across the globe are converging in Brazil to compete in the games, and a sneak peek at the US Women’s Olympic Gymnastic Team shows that our team is READY! If you need help getting your game face on, check out the Brit + Co Guide to the Olympics and our Olympics Viewing Party Guide. Now, for all the kids in the house (big and small), here are 17 crafts and activities to get into that Olympic spirit.


1. DIY Olympic Flag Garland: Here is a project that’s not only fun to make, but it also sparks great worldly conversations about the countries that are competing. This one gets bonus points, as the finished garland doubles as Olympics decor. (via Small for Big)


2. Homemade Olympic Rings Craft Idea: These cute rings are made from metal washers you’ll find at any hardware store. Paint them with fingernail polish and they’ll be dry in under one hour, so kids can wear them right away. (via Club Chica Circle)


3. DIY Olympic Ring Ice Cubes: If you’ve got a donut baking pan, you can easily whip up some Olympic rings ice cubes. These would be great to float in a punch bowl at your Olympics viewing party. (via The Flair Exchange)


4. DIY Olympic Eyeglasses: This super easy project is quick and inexpensive, but OH SO COOL. Just cut some Olympic rings out of foam paper and glue them to a pair of dollar store glasses. The kids will go crazy for them. (via Hatter & Hare Events)


5. Olive Branch Laurel Wreath: Help your future Olympians make an olive branch wreath out of cardboard toilet paper tubes. They’ll enjoy painting, cutting and punching the leaves, while you give them the backstory on the origins of the Olympics. (via Tried & True)


6. Make a Gold Medal: These gold medals deserve a gold medal ’cause they’re so realistic. Kids will have hours of fun pressing designs into the clay medallions using ordinary objects around the house, such as baby food lids, toothpicks, wooden cuticle sticks and a marker cap to make their designs unique. When the clay is dry, spray paint them gold, silver or bronze, and use them for yard games. (via Paging Supermom)


7. Glowing TeaLight Olympic Torch: These torches actually light up, thanks to battery-operated tea lights. They’re so easy to make and kids will play with them for hours after dark. (via Oh My Creative)


8. Olympic Rings: Paper chains are so much fun for kids to make. Just precut strips in Olympic colors and let them take it away. They can make decorations for your Olympics viewing party or decorate their rooms to get into the spirit. (via Craftstorming)


9. DIY Olympic Gold Medals: Kids can create personalized gold medals with their own names embossed. When they’re finished, attach them to red, white and blue ribbons so they can show their team spirit. (via Vicky Barone)


10. DIY Ribbon Wands: These ribbon wands take only a few minutes to make, but kids will play with them for hours. Bonus: They’ll be so worn out after spinning, twirling, dancing and letting the wind blow them that you can almost guarantee an early bedtime. (via Washi Tape Crafts)


11. Olympic Ring Art: Nothing says Olympics like the iconic rings. This chalk-pastel artwork is really easy to create, and it looks so great hanging on their bedroom wall. (Housing a Forest)


12. Olympic Rings Visor: To make these hats, just buy some plain old visors from any craft store and apply paint using toilet paper rolls. Kids will enjoy making them as much as they do wearing them. (via Brassy Apple)


13. Olympic Shoes (Free Download and Tutorial): Kids will jump for joy when they see these winged victory shoes, making their Olympics festivities that much more exciting. Click through for a downloadable pattern and tutorial. (via Kiki Comin)


14. Team USA Gold Medal With Olympic Rings: Here’s a gold medal craft that even the smallest kids can help make. Don’t be surprised if they eat more of the supplies than they glue on — but that’s half the fun. (via Honey + Lime)


15. Plastic Spoon Laurel Wreaths: These wreaths are so beautiful that it’s hard to believe they’re made of plastic spoons. The end result is a hardy headband that can withstand all the imaginative play a kid can dream up. (via A Subtle Revelry)


16. Olympics Bracelet: This is actually two bracelets in one. Make a single band loom bracelet using clear looms, then add the five color “Olympic Ring” looms. A great friendship bracelet, this wearable craft is one that even teens will get into making for themselves and their friends. (via Loom Love)


17. Edible Olympic Medals: Kids of all ages LOVE edible crafts. These “gold medals” are made of sandwich cookies and dried fruit roll ribbons. Bonus: They make a great snack for the kids at your viewing party. (via Create, Craft, Love)

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