Happy National Punch Day! While punch might not be something you make just for yourself, it is hands-down the best way to serve drinks at a party. No more worrying about if everyone has a cocktail. Instead let guests dip their own, and you get to enjoy their company. To celebrate the “holiday” and help you plan your next soiree, we’ve rounded up 15 delicious recipes. But really the punch possibilities are endless!

1. Apple Rye Punch: This punch is perfect for fall. It’s the two kinds of cider that really make it a good one! (via Food 52)

2. Strawberry Ginger Punch: The addition of basil to this punch means it’s not too sweet, which we’re totally on board with. (via Shutterbean)

3. Planter’s Punch: This recipe packs a punch of citrus! It uses lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits. And don’t forget the rum. (via Martha Stewart)

4. Orange Ginger Rum Punch: Not only do the orange and ginger flavors complement each other, the ginger beer makes this punch perfectly fizzy. (via Brit + Co.)

5. Poor Girl Champagne Punch: The secret of this champagne punch is that it doesn’t contain champagne at all! Instead, it gets its bubbles and booze from a light beer. (via TheKitchn)

6. Gingered Lemon Punch: To make this punch really stand out, use lemon infused vodka. It will take it to a whole new level. (via Food 52)

7. New Orleans Brandy Milk Punch: Milk punch seems to be a thing, but we can’t decide how we feel about it. Do you love it or hate it? (via Always Order Dessert)

8. Pineapple Mint Punch: Pineapple and mint are a surprisingly good pair, and this recipe shows them off deliciously. (via Love Food Eat)

9. Black Orange Rum Punch: The black in this Halloween punch comes from fresh blackberry syrup at the bottom. (via Brit + Co.)

10. Tea Punch: This punch will give you a whole new view on afternoon tea! (via Martha Stewart)

11. Isabelle’s Cognac Punch: Be forewarned, this punch is strong! Not only does it have cognac, it also contains three bottles of wine and one bottle of champagne. (via Food 52)

12. Elderflower Champagne Punch: Elderflower adds a unique taste to this cranberry and champagne punch. (via Martha Stewart)

13. “Hawaiian” Punch: This isn’t the bright red beverage you grew up with. Instead, it gets its name from the pineapple, rum, and green tea it contains. (via 12 Bottle Bar)

14. Sunset Punch: Think of this like an upgraded mimosa. Instead of champagne, it uses sparkling rosé and has a lime wedge or two for good measure. (via Food 52)

15.The Scorpion Bowl: Vodka, rum, goldschlager—our super-sized take on the classic drink has it all! (via Brit + Co.)

What’s your favorite punch recipe? Tell us in the comments!