The fashion gods have been SHOWERING us with gifts this weekend! Not only have they blessed us with a Legally Blonde capsule collection (eeeee!) and a slew of killer Grammys looks, but we’re now getting word that designer Michael Anthony is fulfilling our collective dreams to don a Disney princess gown IRL — or at the very least, on Instagram.

According to Digital Spy, who took the time to chat with the Chicago-based fashion powerhouse, he told the outlet that “Disney is what I great up with and Disney princesses were my first fashion icons.” (Same, boo.)

Emma Watson _ Belle

With that, he’s created a modern-day gown for each of his muses (Emma Watson’s Belle included) and they’re pretty much TDF.

While he hasn’t offered up a release date, he did say this won’t be the last we see of him, with current mini Wizard of Oz collections in the works, and plans for superhero and Marvel collections to boot.

For now, you can check out his drawings below!

1. Pocahontas: Pocahontas’s look get an update, adding a (presumably fur) stole and gown length for warmth.

2. Cinderella: Cinderella’s frock remains pretty true to form with a breathtaking bubble skirt and what appears to be a hint of shimmer.

3. Ariel: Michael’s Ariel vision, like Pocahontas, gets a little more covered up than she was in the movies — oh, and legs. Legs too.

4. Snow White: Snow White justtttt might be our favorite of the bunch, with a furry red stole, (apple?) chain belt and flared yellow skirt.

5. Merida: Merida gets a femmed-up makeover while still remaining practical: You’ll note Michael has her donning pants under a gown (which also double as a nod to her Scottish heritage).

6. Mulan: Exotic and beautiful, just like Mulan, Michael’s nod to the princess is among the truest to its original form in his collection.

7. Aurora: Torn between Aurora’s pink and blue gowns, Michael decided to go with… both, melding each of her fairy godmother-given dresses into one.

8. Tiana: Tiana’s look is chic and elegant, with an Angie-style thigh slit and some strategically placed flowers.

9. Rapunzel: We think Mandy Moore (who’s coming back for the Rapunzel sequel) would approve.

10. Elsa: As one of the newer Disney princesses, Frozen’s Elsa was pretty modern to begin with, meaning Michael needn’t change a whole lot.

11. Anna: Elsa’s little sis, Anna, however, gets a glammified makeover with a cinched purple fur where her plain Jane cape once was.

12. Jasmine: What can we say? Jasmine is Jasmine, y’all.

13. Belle: Michael’s piece de resistance has to be Belle: WOWZA.

14. Princess Leia: Last but CERTAINLY not least? This homage to the late Ms. Carrie Fisher herself. RIP, Princess Leia.

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(h/t Cosmopolitan, photos via Walt Disney Pictures)