Your toddler’s room kind of looks like a toy store just threw up inside of it. Those jumbo-sized tot building bricks are scattered across the floor, there are blankies tossed in a corner, and the clothes — oh, the clothes. Your toddler’s room stresses you out just looking at it, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Check out how you can declutter your kiddo’s space and organize it with ease.

A toddler plays with her toys

1. Maximize under-the-bed storage. That empty space under your tot’s bed isn’t doing anyone any good. Instead of using it to collect dust bunnies, turn this area into a productive part of your child’s room. Stash out-of-season clothes, toys your child isn’t currently using, extra bedding, and anything else you won’t have an immediate need for in storage bins and push them under the bed.

2. Decorate with a wall display. Get all of those little odds and ends out of the way while keeping them out of your child’s reach. Use a peg board with hooks and hanging baskets or bags to keep pacis, hair bows, or small toys up, up, and away.

3. Make use of all those tote bags you have lying around. Put a few of your zillion tote bags to good use. Separate currently unused toys by type, writing what’s in each tote (dolls, trains, blocks) with fabric markers on the front, and stack the bags in a closet. When your child tires of the toys they’re currently using, swap them out for one of the stored bags.

4. Repurpose shoe boxes. Did you just treat yourself to some new shoes? Upcycle the boxes by turning them into decorative storage for the small stuff. Cover the outsides of the boxes with pretty gift wrap or fabric pieces. Stack the bins in box shelves or on top of hanging wall shelves.

5. Get a dresser for non-clothing items. You obviously already use a dresser for your kiddo’s clothes. But clothing isn’t all you can store here. Invest in a second (or third) dresser and use it for toys, art supplies, or your child’s linens.

A girl looks in her closet

6. Upcycle. Instead of trashing sturdy plastic containers, reuse them as mini storage units for your kid’s room. Wash and dry the containers, then fill them with little toys, toiletries, or even your child’s itty-bitty socks.

7. Bring out baskets.Baskets offer style and storage all in one place. If decor is part of your decluttering routine, forget about bland bins and bags that you have to hide away. Even though they serve a significant purpose, they won’t add to the look you’re going for. Baskets give you a way to organize while still looking cute.

8. Get creative with a spice rack. The lotions and potions that keep your kiddo’s sensitive skin soft need a home. So do cotton balls, pint-sized nail clippers, and all kinds of other tyke toiletries. Keep them way out of reach with a spice rack. Fill jars with the toiletry items, close them with a cap, and store them in the rack. Try a wall-mounted version, installing it high above where your child can climb to or reach on their own.

9. Stash stuff in an ottaman. A storage ottoman is a decluttering savior when the cavalcade of random playthings spills out of your child’s room and into the rest of your home. It looks just like your regular furniture, but the secret space inside is perfect for when you need to clear away a few toys in a hurry.

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