Ready to totally transform your living space? This project was inspired by a need to maximize space, storage, and eliminate the need for air mattresses for guests. Add to that a drive to always be thrifty, and pallets are your best bet!

To start off, we contacted a local pallet recycler and got pallets that were used to ship Corona all over California. Each pallet was less than $4 a pop, and if you’ve got time to scout around a little bit you can even get them for less than $1 per pallet! Be sure to bring a measuring tape to make sure pallets are the size and shape you want, and fit nicely together.

 – pallets (you’ll need 12 pallets to make an L-shape, 6 to make a love seat)

– twin mattresses ($79 on Ikea!)

– twin duvet covers

– pillows!

We love the look of these mix-and-match textiles.

Start by making your shape, and stacking pallets at least 3 high. We created an L-shaped corner couch, going for maximum comfort.

Next, put your mattresses into the twin duvet covers. There will likely be extra fabric so you can either stitch it up or fold over excess fabric under the mattress. You can also take a cue from our DIY Floor Pillows post if you have fabric you want to use to make your own pillow covers. Then, put mattresses on your pallets! Be sure to securely tuck excess fabric.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor and RELAX! Add some funky throw pillows, and utilize the extra storage for books.

Have you tried repurposing pallets into furniture for your home? Share photos of your projects with us via Facebook and Twitter.