Looking for a new way to embrace your need to ink? Take the plunge with a little tat placed in an unexpected spot. Think beyond ankle options with a small design located on your palm. Subtle, simple, and the perfect pairing for minimal finger ink, palm tattoos are picking up steam. Take the plunge and ink a sweet, subdued design on the underside of your hand for a conversation starter that you can choose whether you want to take advantage of or not. Read on for eight inspiring hand tattoo design ideas.

1. Simple Eye: The ever-seeing eye can have deeper meaning or just simply look cool, depending on your take.

2. Minimalist Nature: Any nature lover knows how lovely these would look on hardworking hands.

3. Dainty Moon: Whether you’re someone who follows astrology or not, this tiny moon outline is a minimalist’s dream come true.

4. Butterfly: If other options are too small for your liking, filling your palm with a beautiful butterfly is one bold choice.

5. Silhouette Blooms: Dainty isn’t your thing? You’ll love this silhouette of a flower.

6. Decorative Design: With inspiration from beautiful Portuguese patterns, this palm design can bring you back to your roots.

7. Quote to Live By: You don’t realize how much you look at the palm of your hand during the day until you’re looking down at a meaningful quote.

8. Lines and Dots: Spice up a simple eye design with fun lines and dots that make it look groovier.

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