With warmer weather heading our way, showing off more skin is inevitable. What better way for you to make your spring debut than with a stylish new anklet tattoo? Deck out your ankles in jewelry-inspired designs or opt for flirty florals inspired by the season. Read on for 11 inspiring ankle tattoo design ideas.

1. Floral Details: Makes a colorful statement, yet still so dainty.

2. Hanging Accent: Unique and minimal.

3. Quotes: Try tiny words with big meanings.

4. Jewelry-Like Detail: Why settle for temporary jewelry when you can have the look for a lifetime?

5. Rose Wreath: Decorate your ankle with your favorite flower.

6. Infinity Sign: This style will go on forever.

7. Dainty: Your anklet tattoo doesn’t need to be too bold. Sometimes simple is ideal.

8. Nature-Inspired: Display your love for Mother Nature with a leafy tatt.

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