We love a good diner breakfast on Saturdays! The wafting scent of bacon, maple and coffee that greets us at the door is like perfume to our soul. And, apparently, to every other soul in our ‘hood. So, instead of shelling out up to $40 (um…. Mimosas?) just to put our name on a waitlist, we remind ourselves that brunch is one meal that we can definitely pull off ourselves, and so can you. So, fire up that griddle! We’ve got 15 homemade pancake recipes, and all are super-easy. Sweet or savory — choose your poison. Some are even vegan and gluten-free — and any one of them could be ready before the waitress calls your name.

If you’re being super health conscious, we’ve got your back. Starting your day with the best intentions, and the best fuel for your body, is smart. It will give you the energy to tackle anything that comes your way. And studies have shown that eating right at breakfast paves the way for healthy choices all day. If you’ve got a busy, active day ahead of you, you’re going to want to get some protein on that plate. Protein-packed morning meals boost metabolism, build lean muscle and increase energy. It will get you through that afternoon hike in the woods or bike in the park. But no worries; you don’t have to turn to eggs to get it. Here are 3 protein-packed pancakes to start your day off right.

Odi over at Nourish Gal is flipping protein-packed chocolate flapjacks that are low in sugar but full of fiber and healthy fat, provided by whole wheat flour and hazelnuts. Chocolate-hazelnut pancakes? Whoa! A nutritious breakfast that looks and tastes just like dessert. We’ve just died and gone to heaven.

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(Photo via Nourish Gal)