Pantone colors just seem to make everything — iPhone keyboards, dresses, red-carpet looks, coffee cups — brighter and more beautiful. Their 2015 spring color report is (no surprise) full of lovely hues, some pastel, some more intense, some bordering on neon (oh hey, Scuba Blue). As much as we love to wear and gaze at our Pantone faves, how much fun would it be to drink them in smoothie form? Answer: a lot. We’re sharing some of the most on-trend smoothies for the season.


1. Strawberry Ice: Psst, this Red Velvet Cake Smoothie gets its rosy coloring from beets, not strawberries. (via The Green Forks)


2. Tangerine: No namesake fruit required in this Glowing Skin Coconut Water Smoothie. Carrots, strawberries, mango and oranges combine for a powerful immune and beauty-boosting drank. (via Hello Natural)


3. Lucite Green: What else but kale would give this Healing Cranberry Cleanser smoothie its telltale green hue? (via Simple Green Smoothies)


4. Marsala: The color of the year is also stunning in smoothie form. Just add cinnamon, raspberries, cocoa, yogurt and… yep, beets again. (via Gabby’s Gluten-Free)


5. Custard: Serve up a unique yellow that falls somewhere between lemony and pastel, courtesy of a Tropical Chia Smoothie. (via Yummy Mummy Kitchen)


6. Glacier Gray: Charcoal in your smoothie? Like, to drink? Yep, it’s the newest health craze, and Juice Generation‘s vegan activated protein shake is a gray-t way to detox. (Before you go putting briquettes into your blender, be sure to read up on how to safely consume activated charcoal.) (via @thetheorynyc)


7. Classic Blue: Navy and powder get plenty of props, but no longer must basic blue be relegated to Legos and superhero wardrobes. This Super Blue Smoothie is packed with — you guessed it — blueberries, while spirulina gives it that ever-so-slight tinge of gray. (via Honestly Fitness)

Toasted Almond

8. Toasted Almond: Cozy up to this Toasted Almond-looking Skinny Banana Mocha Smoothie, which includes almond butter and coffee. (via Hello Natural)


9. Aquamarine: Classic Blue’s subtler sibling also has a smoothie version, complete with blueberries, almond milk and banana. (via Tasty Fun Recipes)

Scuba blue

10. Scuba Blue: Okay, you’ve paid homage to Pantone’s spring colors with fruits and veggies long enough. Time for a real drink — a Scuba Blue Happy Colada, to be exact. We think it’s time to #treatyoself. (via Feisty Foodies)

What’s your fave Pantone spring color? How do you drink (or wear) it?