Colors and communicating pretty much rule our world. So when we heard about Brightkey, a third party keyboard for iOS 8, and its partnership with Pantone naturally we were feeling all sorts of colorful emotions.

Hold up though, what exactly is Brightkey? The app offers vibrant themes and brilliant features that make communication from your phone stylish. The keyboard replaces the Apple keyboard (all that takes is a few moves in the Apple Settings tab) to bring you color throughout your phone, no matter the app, seamlessly.

We love the idea of Brightkey and after playing with the keyboard, we were still excited to bring pops of color to the most used part of our phone, but there are some improvements that could be made. Luckily, the app is still in beta, so hopefully Brightkey is listening to our bright ideas ;)

With the initial release there are currently (only) 11 colors available (including the Pantone 2014 Color of the Year Radiant Orchid, natch). While we love the current mix of hues, there’s so many colors in Pantone’s library we’re hoping will make the cut in a future update — a lady needs her options!

Sometimes it’s a struggle explaining the exact color of an outfit we picked up this weekend. So in addition to adding more keyboard color options, we’d love to see the app actually work as an encyclopedia for those of us needing to expand our color language. Imagine a world where the app could scan an image and pick up the color with the appropriate name! Now that would be a smart phone ;)

Although we are dyeing for more keyboard colors and features from the Brightkey-Pantone collaboration, the app currently does have some sweet features. If you’re busy making wrapping paper and can’t respond, reply with just a tap using the quick-fire feature. The app still boasts autocorrect and predictive text. Always wanted a mouse on your phone? Now you can have it with the sliding cursor control feature. Also, if you aren’t into the Pantone colors offered, there are metallic and wood themes to please every user.

If you’re ready to add some color pops to your iPhone keyboard, download Brightkey today from the App Store for free.

What Pantone color are you planning on making your keyboard? Let us know in the comments below.