Anyone who’s ever experienced Paris with a significant other knows there is a reason it’s called “The City of Love.” There’s really nothing more romantic than strolling the narrow streets, riding along the Seine or drinking a glass of Champagne with your S.O. in this vibrant, historical city. So it’s no surprise that any Parisian wedding is going to have a certain charm, or je ne sais quoi, that other’s simply do not. Karen and Lorenz’s elopement takes the normal wedding video to a whole new place. Their whimsical style paired with summertime in Paris is just too perfect. A word of caution: This video is going to make you want to either elope or move to Paris, or maybe both.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve now watched that film at least twice. Their tour around the city before the wedding really sets the scene for who they are as a couple, and it’s easy to imagine that everywhere they visit is one of their favorite places. The ceremony itself, in a romantic Montmartre alleyway, is out of a dream. How gorgeous is Karen’s delicate floral crown, pink peony bouquet and adorable schoolgirl dress? Every time Lorenz looks at his bride and smiles, you grin too. These two definitely win the prize for most perfect Parisian elopement.

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