In the words of Tom Haverford, “Emojis are little cartoons you text instead of words. Instead of saying, ‘What up boo?’ you can type ‘What up’ and then a cute little ghost — ’cause that means boo.” Buzzfeed’s Michelle Regna put together 15 mockup emojis based on Parks + Recreation that we’d probably use on a daily basis to text our boos. Emoji-makers, get on this.

1. Ron Swanson: When you want to say, “There’s only one thing I hate more than lying: skim milk” with only a look.

2. Leslie Knope: When you’re being a #girlboss.

3. Ben Wyatt: When your significant other totally wins the gift-givery and hooks you up with an ever-loving Game of Thrones THRONE.

4. Tom Haverford: When the $WAG defies words. Also, when you have a dope idea (like Snake Juice) and wanna tell somebody about it.

5. Jerry/Gary/Larry: When you let everybody down. Again.

6. April Ludgate: When Jerry lets you down. Again.

7. Bert Macklin: When investigating thefts and teenage vandals.

8. Donna Meagle: When treating yo’ self. Alternatively, when you’re driving a fancy car or hanging with your baller cousin Ginuwine. (The Ginuwine.)

9. Angel Lil’ Sebastian: When you’re having such a good day that it’s obvious Lil’ Sebastian is watching over you from heaven.

10. Waffles: When your sister texts you to see if you’re up for brunch and you wanna say, “Obviously, yes. Why would anyone eat anything besides breakfast food?”

11. Calzone: When your friend says something as pointless as calzones.

12. DJ Roomba: Ha, when are we not going to use this emoji?! Pair with Tom Haverford for maximum impact.

13. Cones of Dunshire: When it’s game night.

14. Bacon + Eggs: When you’re hungry and you’d like to request that your boyfriend bring you all the bacon and eggs the grocery store has. And you don’t want him to think you just mean “a lot” of bacon and eggs… you mean all the bacon and eggs.

15. Ron Swanson Afterglow: When you need to answer the question, “How’d it go with that guy last night?” ;-)

What’s missing from this list? Let us know what P&R emojis you’d use in the comments!