When it comes to decorating, we’re all about the garland. It’s a great way to decorate any space, large or small, and doubles as a pretty solid backdrop should an impromptu photo booth pop up right in your apartment. Garlands also tend to store pretty easily, making them decorations you make once and then use year in and year out. In fact, the garland used in our recent DIY beverage station post was from my 27th birthday party, almost three years ago! But I digress… Now onto these 20 black, orange, and ghostly Halloween garlands.

1. Bats and Orange Dots ($15): This handmade garland consists of orange dots and dark-as-night bats. If you don’t have time to make something similar yourself, Etsy is always a good spot for handmade decor.

2. Baby Food Jar Ghosts: Got a surplus of itty bitty baby food jars? You know they’ll be good for something soon… right? Right! This Halloween, turn ’em into spooky lil ghosts. (via Swaperoos)

3. Pacman Halloween Garland: And now, a garland after our nerdy hearts. It’s Pacman on Halloween! (via Minieco)

4. Pumpkin Garland: Created from Halloween finds at Walmart, we love the multi-layered look of pumpkins with pom poms and trim. (via The 36th Avenue)

5. Scary Skeletons on a String ($10): You can’t have a solid October 31st without a visit from the underworld, or at least a nod to the underworld in the form of this eerie garland.

6. Moulding Bunting: Whether you take inspiration from this for Halloween or not, we’re impressed by this genius move to use leftover moulding (or moulding samples) as bunting. (via Landee See Landee Do)

7. Vintage Mask Garland ($15): Creepy! And feel free to snip off masks to give to folks who show up to your party without a costume.

8. Paper Cup Ghosts: The number of things you can turn a Dixie cup into is pretty endless. This time, your disposable cups masquerade as googly-eyed ghosts! (via All You)

9. Polka Dot Dots ($9): Meta polka dots? Don’t mind if we do!

10. Black and Gold Bunting: Create a sign to hang above your dessert table using stencils, black card stock, and gold paint. Oh, and did you know you can get everything you need in our Halloween shop? ;)(via Brit + Co.)

11. Bloody Weapon Garland ($15): For maximum creeps, this bloody weapon garland ought to do the trick.

12. Dyed Ghost Garland: Who says ghosts can’t be super colorful? We love this use of Rit Dye, fabric, and globe lights. (via PBJ Stories)

13. Black and Orange Lace Bunting ($40): This beautifully cut bunting would be perfect for a chic Halloween soirée.

14. Fuzzy Ghost Garland ($32): Equal parts cute and creepy, don’t you think?

15. Sugar Skull Garland ($28): Sugar skulls! This cushy garland is ideal for Dia de los Muertos and just might make an appearance here at Brit HQ. Stay tuned for more Dia de los Muertos DIY decor in the weeks ahead.

16. Plastic Skeletons: Now this is a hack! Grab a whole bunch of those cheap plastic skeletons at your local party store and string ’em right up. (via Fiber Flux)

17. 3D Chandelier Garland Kit ($12): These could cast some seriously awesome shadows given the right lighting scheme.

18. Googly Eyes and Washi Tape: That’s right. Googly eyes and washi tape. It’s almost too much…! (via Landee See Landee Do)

19. Bat Garland: Boo! Make a whole bunch of these and hang them high. They also make great cupcake toppers. (via The Sweetest Occasion)

20. Fabric Garland: Last, a Halloween take on the old fabric scrap garland. We love all the whimsical seasonal prints! (via Craftaholics Anonymous)

How will you decorate for Halloween this year? Share ideas with us in the comments below.