We could all use motivation to lift weights at the gym, stick to that training plan to become a running pro or fix all the things we do wrong at spin class. Which is why working out with your bestie can be the best idea ever. Not only does having a workout partner hold you more accountable for getting in your daily sweat session, but it can also make scorching calories fun. So grab your BFF and carve out some time to check out any (or all!) of these bestie-approved YouTube workouts.


1. 5 Workouts to Do With a Friend: This quick two-minute video has on-screen instructions, exercises to give you abs for days and likely the most attractive pair of opposite besties on YouTube. (via LEAF)


2. 10 Best Partner Exercises: In this video, Lunden is the coach and Nelly is the gym buddy, and together they bring you 10 exercises you can do with a friend, a sibling or significant other. Skip to the one-minute mark to get right to it. (via Runtastic Fitness)


3. The Best Partner Workout: You really thought we wouldn’t include a video from the ultimate workout besties, Karena and Katrina of Tone It Up? Even the warmup in this video requires a bestie. Their teamwork really does make the dream work. (via Tone It Up)


4. 20-Minute No-Equipment Partner Workout: Is your S.O. your bestie too? Then this video is for you. Amy, her hubby Kurt and their matching outfits take you through this 20-minute in-and-out workout. All skill levels can do these exercises, so it’s perfect for besties at different fitness levels. (via BodyFit by Amy)


5. Partner Up Workout (Twice the Rush): David and Tiffany take you through this full-body body weight workout. Packed with high-energy exercises, this video makes sure you’re having fun and challenging each other the entire time. (via LiveNow Fitness)


6. 6 Exercises to Get Fit AF With a Friend: The girls from Tone It Up partnered with Cosmo to bring you six quick exercises that require a partner. So grab your bestie, S.O. or roommate and get to it! (via Cosmopolitan.com)


7. Want to Slim Down? Team Up!: Fitness friends Meaghan and Liz team up to bring you a quick four-minute video that runs through a bunch of basic partner moves. It might be almost seven years old, but it still has exercises that’ll help you get totally toned. (via SELF Magazine)

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