Party games are back! And it’s no mystery why. Games are a great way to get people together, break the ice or just provide a fun backdrop to conversation. You don’t need a game console. And no one sits around bored while watching two others play. You just need a table, a game and a group of friends.

Do we have the makers of Cards Against Humanity for re-introducing game night to our generation, more accustomed to online games than board games?

Maybe. What began as a Kickstarter campaign in 2011 quickly took off, with many DIYers choosing to print their own cards. And now there are “Cards” wannabees everywhere we look. For example, these 14 game-night games better than Cards Against Humanity and 12 new board games to put your friendship to the test. And if you like a little psychoanlaisis with your cerveza, you might like to try the voting game — where the group matches cards to personality types.

It’s not difficult to host a game night. The essentials are the game, a table, and a group of friends. And of course, the libations! Here are 15 fun ideas—from games to food to decor—to make your night a bit more memorable.

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