While pecan pies are all the rage during the holidays, their main ingredient is delicious all year round. With a crunchy texture and a buttery flavor, pecans can be tossed in with almost any dish, sweet or savory, to give it a more complex flavor. Whether you’re looking to up your appetizer game or show off your sweet treat skills, check out these 11 recipes that prove pecans are good for more than just pie.

bacon wrapped pecan stuffed dates

1. Bacon Wrapped Pecan Stuffed Dates: Everything tastes better when it’s wrapped in bacon so why not pecans? With a crispy strip of bacon wrapped outside and a crunchy pecan inside, it’s a delicious way to upgrade your party appetizer game. Pigs in a blanket, who? (via Wright Kitchen on Snapguide)

brown sugar bacon pecan brownies

2. Bourbon Brownies with Brown Sugar Bacon: Sure you can drink your bourbon, but did you know you can eat it too? With 1/2 cup of bourbon, candied bacon and crunchy pecans, this recipe will take your brownie game to a whole new boozy bacon brown sugar level. (via Sherry Williams on Snapguide)

brown sugar winter spice granola

3. Brown Sugar + Winter Spice Granola: This sweet and salty granola combo goes with just about everything. Toss some on your morning yogurt, your lunchtime salad, or just by itself for a tasty afternoon snack. Be sure to make an extra large batch. Trust us, it disappears fast. (via Snapguide Team on Snapguide)

caramel pecan cheesecake

4. Caramel Pecan Cheesecake: This time of year always calls for caramel so why not try some on top of your cheesecake? With a ton of pecans added on top, you’re sure to get a flavor-packed bite every time. (via Country Gal on Snapguide)

Hummingbird cake

5. Hummingbird Cake: A fruit cake you’ll actually WANT to eat. Packed with pineapple, bananas, cinnamon and a healthy dose of pecans, this recipe definitely takes the cake when it comes to pecan desserts. (via Farah Vazeer on Snapguide)

Italian Cream Cupcakes

6. Italian Cream Cupcakes: Upgrade your cupcake topper. Skip the fruit slices or candy pieces and add a sprinkling of pecans instead. The sweet taste and crunchy texture pair well with the moist cupcake and creamy frosting. (via Rebekah Kazmierowicz on Snapguide)

Mayhem Slice

7. Mayan Mayhem Slice: If you’re looking for a pecan treat on the healthier side, try a slice of Mayan Mayhem. Packed with fiber and antioxidants, this recipe will sate your sweet tooth and give you a good dose of energy for your day. That’s what we call a win-win dessert. (via Michel Daher on Snapguide)

pecan maple bourbon ice cream

8. Maple Bourbon Ice Cream with Candied Pecans: All the delicious flavors of a maple dessert… and a splash of bourbon too. This rich and creamy maple ice cream is topped with a big helping of candied pecans to give it some crunch. We’ll take two scoops please! (via Joseph Feiertag on Snapguide)

Pecan Turtles

9. Easy Homemade Turtles: They’re easy as 1, 2, 3. With only three ingredients, these salty-sweet treats are quick to make and perfectly dangerous when it comes to bite-sized snacking. Once you pop, you just can’t stop. (via Rebekah Kazmierowicz on Snapguide)

Sticky Buns

10. Pop’s Sticky Buns: Topped with a buttery sugar mixture and a sprinkling of chopped pecans, these sticky buns are one decadent dish. Forget the napkins, they’ll just slow you down. (via Frank McMullen on Snapguide)

yam ricotta dumplings

11. Yam Ricotta Dumplings: Super light yam dumplings, pecans roasted with sugar and herbs and tossed with rich browned butter, this dish will have your guests oohing and ahhing over your culinary skills. Oh ya, you fancy. (via Outerlands SF on Snapguide)

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