When it comes to avoiding career burnout, we all want to do work that we love. And for a lot of people, turning a love of fashion into a full-time job would quite literally be living the dream. But finding a way to not just enter a saturated market but totally crush it while you鈥檙e there isn鈥檛 as simple as holiday must-haves and statement pieces. Just ask Amy Wicks, senior fashion editor at Polyvore.

After spending a decade at Conde Nast, editing fashion news for Glamour.com and working as a media reporter at WWD, Amy packed her bags and moved across the country to San Francisco to spend some time freelancing. She finally landed at Polyvore, where she is now responsible for creating and curating daily articles that highlight the best fashion and beauty content from Polyvore鈥檚 community. With activities that range from building brand partnerships to attending Fashion Week to interviewing fashion designers, no two days are alike for Amy 鈥 but luckily for us, she鈥檚 giving us a glimpse into one of them. Read on for an all-access look at a day in Amy鈥檚 life.


A Day in the Life of Amy Wicks

6am: I wake up around 6am every day, although not really by choice. My seven-month-old is a morning person, so I am now too! After I make my daily Blue Bottle Americano, I play with my daughter Sydney while catching up on Twitter, The New York Times, WWD and the New York Post. I also take a look at Slack and work email and quickly breeze through Snapchat and Instagram.

8am: I live in San Francisco but work at Yahoo鈥檚* Sunnyvale, CA headquarters, so I start making my way to Caltrain. My commute often involves listening to a podcast (I鈥檝e been into Slate鈥檚 Political Gabfest lately) while catching up on email and Slack and starting to create content for Polyvore鈥檚 editorial page.

*Polyvore was acquired by Yahoo in September 2015.

9:30am: My days are always different. This morning, we had a meeting to talk about how we鈥檙e going to cover our 鈥淵ear in Review鈥 data. I鈥檓 serving as spokesperson for Yahoo, so in a few days I鈥檒l be flying to NYC to talk to broadcast, radio and print outlets about the biggest news and trends of 2016.

11:00am: Put the finishing touches on a few trend emails that are going out next week to our global style community.

12:00pm: Lunch! I head over to Yahoo鈥檚 cafeteria for my daily salad fix. The food at Yahoo is crazy good, and the salad bar is just as good as the one at Whole Foods. Seriously! I鈥檒l also pick up a cold-brew or fresh juice or kombucha. We have this amazing juice bar here where you can have them make what you want. I鈥檝e been at Yahoo for over a year and I still get excited about the food.

1-5pm: More meetings, a 1:1 with our head of creative, more coffee (I drink way too much coffee) and creating and editing stuff for Polyvore. Also, I鈥檓 in planning mode for our upcoming 10th anniversary (exciting!) and NYFW. Yes, I鈥檓 already looking ahead to NYFW in February鈥

6:30pm: Meet my husband and daughter at home and scramble to make it to a dinner with friends at Saru Sushi Bar in San Francisco. Sydney falls asleep in her stroller by 7:30, and we get a little time to relax.

11:00pm: Sleep!

Favorite Quote

鈥淪ay yes, and you鈥檒l figure it out afterwards.鈥 鈥 Tina Fey

Favorite Piece of Advice

No matter what, make time for friends. Jobs come and go, but your true friends will always be there for you.

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(Photos via Polyvore)