The moment we saw this pencil holder on Anthropologie, we knew we had to make one of our own. While $48 isn’t totally crazy in terms of price, it’s pretty easy to create something similar using a few simple, affordable materials you might already have at home. After all, a well-organized workspace is a happy one!

 – acrylic paint

– spray shellac

– 1 wooden board

– 3-4 vases

– super glue for wood

First, gather all your materials. We chose teals and blues inspired by the original Anthropologie caddy.

Now, paint your vases. You’ll need to paint 2-3 coats for a nice opaque shade.

Let vases dry. Add a layer of spray shellac to avoid paint chipping in the future.

Now, time to paint the wooden board. Again, this will take a couple coats. Let everything dry for an hour and then glue!! Let glue dry overnight and then fill with pencils!

What goodies for your home have you coveted at Anthropologie? Anything we should try DIYing? Talk to us in the comments below.