Gal pals. Squad. Tribe. Sisterhood. Girl gang. No matter what you call it, everyone knows having a close group of girlfriends is necessary for whatever stage of life you’re in. I’m lucky that I’ve had the same core group of girlfriends since elementary school and we’ve stayed close throughout our awkward years, our college days and now, our adulting phase. We’ve been there for each other through the weirdest, toughest and best times of our lives. Let’s face it… we all need our girls to get through life’s ups and downs.


In my girl gang, there’s one friend who’s sassier than the rest, another who’s constantly jet-setting around the world and one who’s super creative and artsy. Sometimes it’s tough to get the right gifts for the group since everyone is different. Thankfully, it’s super easy to send the perfect card! We teamed up with Studio Ink to put together a list of the perfect cards to give each member of your squad. (Trust us, your friends will love them!)


1. For the friend who’s living abroad: Let your overseas friend know you’re thinking about her with this adorable (and appropriate!) card.


2. For the friend who could use a little encouragement right now: What are friends for if not to be there when life gets a little rough? Give her this card (and maybe some chocolate!) to remind your friend just how lovely she is.


3. For the friend who’s getting hitched: When your squad gets into the post-college stage of life, going to weddings becomes a regular event. Send this card to your marriage-bound friend as she embarks on all of the pre-wedding festivities.


4. For the artistic friend: Everyone appreciates pretty things, but for your friend who makes pretty things as well as loves pretty things, send her these colorful, hand-illustrated cards.


5. For the friend who deserves some celebrating: There’ll probably be lots of great times during your friendship that deserve celebrating. Give your friend a card to kick off the festivities.


6. For the foodie friend: If your squad is like my squad, there are multiple foodies in the group. For the one who loves food more than the rest, send her this card to let her know how you much you get her.


7. For the sassy friend: For the friend who has the sassiest sense of humor in your tribe, send her a card that she’ll completely relate to.


8. For the punny friend: For your friend who appreciates puns as much as she appreciates lattes, give her a punny card to let her know just how much you love her.



What cards will you send to your squad? Share your snail mail picture with us on Instagram using the hashtag #britstagram!

Author: Irene Lee