Moms never getter a day off, and whether its Christmas, Hanukkah or Mother’s Day, the women who gave us life will NOT be cool with getting nothing in return. Then there are our grandmas, pledge moms, foster moms, friends that are moms and fairy godmothers to worry about too. With all this mom action, your gift ideas for mom better be on point, and what better way to showcase that love than with a personalized present? Check out 15 of our favorite personalized gifts for mom below, all of which are sure to make the leading ladies in your life feel as special as you know they are.

Initial Necklace

1. Large Initial Gold Necklace ($34): A simple gift goes a long way, especially when it’s big, bold and gold.

Monogrammed Tote

2. Monogrammed Leather Tote ($205): We love this spacious, moto-inspired tote for mom because it’s just as badass as she is.

Pet Pillows

3. Pet Pillow ($58): Can we get our faces put on a pillow?! For now, mom’s fave furry child will do.

Custom Cheese Board

4. Custom Cutting Board ($38): Whether or not your mom throws as many wine and cheese shindigs as you do, this customizable maple cutting board works just as well on the kitchen wall as it does under a wedge of gouda. Can’t stand buying something designed by someone else’s hands? Don’t worry. This kit literally puts the wood-burning pen in your palm.

Ma Necklace

5. Ma Necklace ($185): Okay, you can’t actually customize this one, but this handmade, 14-karat charm by Winden is the perfect accessory for the ma in your life.

Emojis Print

6. Custom Emoji ($75): Um, yes! Print and download these adorable emoji inspired by none other than yours truly.

S+M Alchemy Perfume

7. Mix and Match Perfume ($25): Giving gag-inducing perfume? Not cool. Giving this kit of four essential oil and flower essence blends to create a personalized scent? Definitely cool.

DIY Watercolor Kit

8. DIY Watercolor Kit ($119): Remember those family portraits you drew in kindergarten, complete with a shades-wearing sun in the top right corner? This is just like that, but with a little practice and a cute frame, mom will move your works of art from kitchen fridge to living room gallery wall.

Fresh Cookies

9. Fresh Cookies ($18): Even if she says she doesn’t want anything, at least give mama some deluxe sugar. Because really, who can say no to chocolate chip cookies?

Sticky 9

10. Photo Magnets ($15 for a set of 9): Transform Instagram photos into Polaroid-esque magnets for social media-savvy moms. Need inspo? Search those #TBT posts for baby pic gold.

Monogram Earrings

11. Monogram Earrings ($24): If it’s possible to love these studs more than mom, we might be guilty (sorry not sorry). But why not share that love with the most important lady in your life?

Nesting Parent Necklace

12. Parent Nestling Necklace ($70-79): Give mom a necklace that lets her bring her pride and joy everywhere. Select how many baby birds sit on your family branch and you’re set. Spoiler alert — she’ll get a little emotional.

Chai Tea

13. DIY Chai Tea Kit ($29): Name a one-of-a-kind blend of black tea, honey and spices after mom. She’ll love it a latte.

Custom Growth Marker

14. Custom Growth Marker ($20): If you’re old enough to buy a gift without borrowing mom’s credit card, this might be better for your baby mama BFF. Or you can totally gift this to your mom who’s now a grandmom courtesy of you.

Personalized Wooden Spoons

15. Personalized Wooden Spoons ($13): If mom is the kitchen guru you have always bowed before, these laser cut wooden spoons can be the signs that mark her shrine.

What personalized gift will you wrap up for your mom this holiday season? Let us know in the comments. We promise we won’t tell!