The cat’s out of the bag! After the undeniable cuteness that was unleashed with Pet + Co (AKA the cutest April Fool’s Day prank *ever*), it’s become increasingly clear that, along with the other important relationships in your life, from your partner to your bestie, the bond between you and your pet is worth cherishing. Go way beyond pet-inspired decor to commemorate your limitless love for your pet; nothing says furever more than a brand spanking new tattoo. So whether you’re looking for a tat to honor pups from your past or simply want to find new ways to show off your favorite feline pal, scroll through these 12 pet-inspired tattoos to find the perfect ink to flaunt your furry friend.

1. Family Pets: Honor your childhood pets with a sweet little portrait tattoo. Bonus points for getting your siblings on board too.

2. ForearmFish: Fish are pets too! If you’ve ever won a carnival fish, you know those cuties are hard AF to keep alive. If yours is still going strong, celebrate the remarkable feat (and your fishy friend love) with a delicate watercolor tat.

3. Wrist Tattoo: This tat is worth it just for the photo op. Stamp your wrist with your feline pal, perfectly capturing every little detail.

4. Pup in Orange: Capture your pup’s vibrant spirit in the form of colorful ink. We’re loving this geometric take on the pet portrait tat trend.

5. Simple Kitty: Copy this whimsical look for your very own cat tat. Go the black-and-white route for an even more minimalist style.

6. Twin Pooches: Is it just us, or are we seeing double? Go ahead and show off multiple fur babies if you can’t choose a favorite.

7. Geometric Cat: Not all pet tats need to be so specific. Display your fondness for the feline species with a cool geometric watercolor tattoo.

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8. Bunny Profile: Treat yourself to a daily reminder of your number one cuddle buddy (or should we say cuddle bunny?). This tat is so sweet, it’ll have you hopping to the tattoo parlor, like, yesterday.

9. Canine Crown: Show the world who’s king of your castle by honoring your favorite four-legged friend with a royal accessory. Tiaras strongly encouraged.

10. Watercolor Hound: Sport a tat that’s as cool as your pup. This watercolor portrait is truly a work of art, worthy of permanent display on your bod.

11. Pet Names: Finding the perfect name for your pooch can be just as challenging as naming your newborn baby (okay, maybe not quite). Give your pet tat a personal touch with their name written in lovely script.

12. Trendsetting Pup: This tattoo is almost as trendy as your pet. This super stylish ink has the minimalist edge of clean lines and the soft appeal of watercolors — plus, who can resist that sweet li’l face?!

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