You love your pet 鈥 so much so that you even have an adorable picture of them that鈥檚 been hanging up for years. But recently, you鈥檝e noticed that it鈥檚 starting to fade and get lost amongst all the other wall art you鈥檝e collected. Mementos of the non-human who adores you more than anything in the world are important, so there鈥檚 no excuse for letting that faded shot hang any longer. Gift yourself (and Fido) a pet portrait that鈥檚 as unique and lovable as they are. Whether you鈥檙e a first-time pet parent or have had Fluffy for years, these buy or DIY ideas are must-haves for any animal lover.


1. Adam Regester Art and Illustration Pet Portraits on Canvas ($86): Don鈥檛 trust yourself with a permanent marker and blank canvas? For under $100, this talented artist will sketch a sweet illustration of your very own four-legged friend.


2. DIY Pop Art Pet Portrait: Take the traditional pet portrait up a few notches to create an unexpected Warhol-like art piece fit for any blank wall. (via A Beautiful Mess)


3. Hadley Clay Studio Custom Pet Mug ($45): Start every day with a cup of joe and Fido. It鈥檚 the perfect desk accessory, and it can help wake you up at home too.


4. Dani Ives Felted Wool Pet 鈥淧aintings鈥 (available in March): These little hoop artworks may be small, but just like the pets they depict, they are mighty.


5. Minky Moo Ceramics Cat Planter ($65): Feeling more minimalist and abstract? Grab this planter for a less explicit nod to your fave feline.


6. Little Rhody Design Co. Custom Pet Pillows ($58): Is your little one at the vet鈥檚 office and you鈥檙e missing their furry body? Here鈥檚 the next best thing, and it鈥檚 shed-resistant.


7. Personalized Pet Art: Here鈥檚 another minimalist (but great!) abstract idea for any aspiring artist who鈥檚 confident in their penmanship. (via A Beautiful Mess)


8. DIY Pet Portrait Tote: This item is one that is often overlooked: the reusable grocery bag (or everday tote, if that鈥檚 more your jam). Regardless of how this DIY tote is used, you have to admit it鈥檚 nice to have a guard dog (or cat) always on duty. (via Julep)


9. Hadley Clay Studio Custom Pet Bud Vase ($30): This small bud vase is a great way to bring a pet portrait to the office (or your office desk at home) without going full-on Legally Blonde by framing a bedazzled picture of your pooch.


10. Kayleigh Radcliffe Pet Portrait Bauble Hanging Decoration ($61): Feeling bold in your decor choices this year? Pick up this hanging bauble head. Of course it would be a great ornament come holiday season 2016, but you can also hang it in the entrance of your apartment for an unexpected, albeit slightly intimidating, 3D art piece.


11. Karren Garces Pop Art Pet Portrait Wall Clock ($30): Keep those 鈥渂e on time鈥 resolutions with a clock that鈥檚 so adorable, you just can鈥檛 help but stare at it.


12. How to Paint a Pet Portrait: Want to be the Jack to your pup鈥檚 Rose? Get out those acrylics and learn how to master the art of pet portraiture. (via Snapguide)


13. DIY Pet Art Print: Intimidated by brushes and gouche? Try this simple DIY, which is much more playing with patterns than painting like Picasso. (via Everyday Dishes)

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