The only thing worse than having to trek through the rain without waterproof boots is receiving a text during a torrential downpour and not being able to look at that message, let alone answer it. While there have been plenty of creative developments in the umbrella industry — we’ve got denim, origami, bike and even invisible(?!) parasol options these days — there hasn’t truly been a hands-free solution for those sun and/or rain protectors.

Those dreary, cloudy days could soon be over thanks to an innovative concept that would give you the ability to update your Facebook status, tweet something snarky and even upload an Instagram snap of the wet weather without having to hold onto the umbrella handle.

The Phonebrella is a design concept from Korean telecommunications company kt Design that could alter the way we umbrella in the future. Instead of the typical (and totally dated) straight handle that’s found on a majority of parasols produced, this one has an ergonomic C-shaped hand grip for you to slide your wrist into and a counter-weight for it to lay comfortably on your shoulder. What that means is BOTH of your hands are free to do any and everything. You can text, you can eat that bagel, you can even tie your shoe without holding onto today’s repressive rain guard. This is revolutionary, people!

Though we would totally order a dozen right this second, the Phonebrella is currently only a design concept (UGH!). The hands-free umbrella did win a Red Dot Design Award for “Best of the Best” product design for its innovation (what a title) so there’s no way it wouldn’t get fast tracked into production, right? Once it inevitably is produced for us to use on a rainy (or super sunny) day, the umbrella will more than likely come in five gorgeous colors (Classic Grey, Smoky Grey, Blossom Red, Royal Red, Chic Black). Sooooooo, what do we gotta do to get this gloomy day lifesaver onto shelves?!

Would you toss out that basic, probably half-broken $5 umbrella you picked up during a downpour for this genius one? Let us know in the comments.

(h/t Mashable, photos via kt Design)