We’re in that weird time of the year where summer thunderstorms will keep us inside some days (we’ve got your reading list covered), and the rays are brutal other days (and, of course, we have you protected in that department too). But there’s one umbrella that can help solve all your extreme weather problems. Introducing the Blue Jean Umbrella from SF Umbrellas.

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 6.15.13 PM

This umbrella, made from a high-tech Sunbrella fabric (yep, like the kind on your parents’ patio), protects you from both harmful rays and pesky droplets. There’s the obvious benefit of keeping you dry, but the umbrella also works for keeping harmful UV rays off your skin, with a UPF of 50+ (UPF being the SPF for clothing). The ‘brella, which has met its Kickstarter goal and starts shipping this August, is full of all kinds of useful, technologically advanced features like metal that never gets overheated, reinforcement stitching and a more compact size for our modern lives.

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 6.02.43 PM

There’s also a fancy denim strap so you can sling it over your shoulder in case you’ve chosen a small bag that day.

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 6.02.18 PM

… and if you use that denim strap, you can feel like an urban Katniss Everdeen, ready for rain or shine.

Will you grab one of these umbrellas when they’re available? Tell us in the comments!