What happens when two great loves of ours finally come together? Photo garlands (or photo bunting), of course! From the quick and easy fake Polaroid bunting to fabric pennants that’ll last for years, here are three foolproof ways to turn your photos into garlands.

Materials + Tools:
 Shake It Photo App
– color printer

– card stock

– scissors or paper cutter

– twine

– mini clothespins

This project will take you all of ten minutes. So fun for a birthday party, Thanksgiving, or just as wall decoration!

We used the Shake It Photo App to turn photos from our Halloween Photo Booth into pretend Polaroids. Print on card stock, cut out, and simply hang on twine using clothespins. It’s as simple as that.

We love how authentic these fake Polaroids look – definitely way more affordable than a Polaroid camera and film, and a lot less risky ;)

Materials + Tools:
 – sewing machine

– color printer

– card stock

– giant circle hole punch

This giant hole punch is one of our favorite crafty finds ever. And the Rosette Backdrop is still alive and kickin’ here at Brit HQ!

Print your photos and trim to the edge. Use your hole punch to punch ’em out!

How fun are all of those circles?

Sew them together on your sewing machine, leaving about an inch of thread in between each photo. That’s it!

Hang ’em up with push pins or tape, and you’re good to go.

Materials + Tools:
 – card stock

– color printer

– iron-on transfer paper

– iron

– white fabric

– hot glue gun

– ribbon

– fabric scissors

This is definitely the most involved tutorial of the bunch, but it still took less than 30 minutes to complete. We used photos from our DIY Fringe Backdrop.

Print your photos onto iron-on transfer paper. We printed two per page, side by side. Trim the photos all the way to the edge. Then cut a triangle out of the bottom to create the banner shape.

Iron them onto white fabric. Follow the instructions on your transfer paper – all of them seem to be slightly different! Cut out your fabric pennants.

Lay them out and get ready to make this banner happen.

Use hot glue to attach each piece to ribbon.


So many awesome photo garlands!

Which garland style is your favorite? If you try any of these out, send photos our way via Facebook, Twitter or good old fashioned e-mail.