Welcome to another episode of Pies + DIYs, the Facebook Live show where we complete DIYs while eating pie. Tune in every week to see what DIY we will tackle next.

This week, my coworker Erin joined me on Pies + DIYs to make an emoji Christmas garland. We upcycled old gold circle ornaments into emojis by adding paper details. Use scissors to cut out your emoji’s eyes and mouth and then attach to the ornament with hot glue. Once you have between five and eight emojis, start stringing them onto a long ribbon. We alternated emoji ornament, non-emoji ornament, and so on. Follow along above or you can check out more holiday garland ideas right here.

PS: Do you love our new set? Our friends over at Murals Wallpaper made this design just for Pies + DIYs! This pink brick backdrop is called Rizzo and can be purchased on their website. If pink brick is too bright for your tastes (I understand!), you can check out all of their other brick-inspired wallpapers right here.

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