Rarely if ever do you wear a piece of cocktail jewelry 鈥 an intricate statement necklace, a giant cocktail ring 鈥 that has the same feel as your delicate pieces. The former鈥檚 chunky gems dominate in size and color while the latter鈥檚 metallic makeup winks easy elegance. In other words, they鈥檙e the polar opposites of the jewelry realm. Of course, until a style blogger, one of the notorious make-it-work set, created a gorgeous hybrid formula for her debut jewelry line.


Created by Pink Peonies blogger Rach Parsell, a 24-year-old mom-to-be from Salt Lake City whose look we鈥檇 describe as a much girlier, more down-to-earth Kylie Jenner, the eight piece jewelry line was made as a savvy response to her user鈥檚 interest in blog posts that heavily featured jewelry. She told WDD, 鈥淭hat鈥檚 when the wheels started turning. The next step was to have my own product line.鈥


The result: a collection of sparkly cocktail jewels with a feminine, modern twist. Rach mixes of-the-moment designs like cuffs and tassels with classic materials like gold-plated metal and micro crystals to keep the feel of each bauble refined, but still statement worthy. Airy pieces like the open clustered adjustable ring and linked cuff bracelet would be perfect compliments to your spring pastels, while heavier baubles like the pav茅 and pearl necklace and Art Deco-inspired drop earrings would stand up to your LBD.


Rach told WWD that she鈥檚 keeping a close eye on sales from the debut set, priced from $45 to $110, and that reader response will dictate what she designs for her second collection, which is already in the works. But until we figure out which current pieces we can wear to our string of spring weddings, we can鈥檛 even begin to think of round two.

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