Pinterest helps us create (or at least attempt to create) picture-perfect, organized lives. Our Pinterest pages, however, can be a bit out of control if we’re being honest. Most of us have boards and boards and boards and… well, a lot of boards. There are so many amazing ideas out there, and we just want to pin them all. Finding those amazing ideas when we need them, on the other hand, can be a scroll-heavy nightmare. But no more. Thanks to Pinterest’s new board sections feature, it’s becoming easier than ever to keep your pins organized.

Currently being rolled out to users, this feature lets you create mini boards within one big board. You can think of it as subfolders within a folder, only much prettier and more fun.

For example, if you have a Living Room Decor board, you could have mini boards for lamps, gallery wall ideas, couch styling, area rugs, and DIY storage options, but they’d all live under the one board. And if you’re looking to do a room makeover, you can divide the board up into inspo, products, and DIY ideas.

The feature makes finding what you’re looking for easier, and keeps your Pinterest page looking neat and tidy. That’s what we call winning for pinning.

To use this new feature, go to an existing board and click on “Add section.” Pick the pins you want to include, and you’ve got yourself perfectly organized inspiration. Happy pinning!

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