You maybe riding the podcast bandwagon hard, but what about your kiddos? Podcasts are such a good way to let your kids use technology and expand their minds at the same time. Think about the advantages: They can listen any time and place, from car rides to waiting rooms. Your kids are using technology, which they think is cool, and you can feel good about granting them “screen” time. It’s a win-win. Listen along with them if you can — you’ll like them too! Plus, they’re great for talking about life lessons or breaking the ice with teens and sharing experiences from your past.

When choosing a good podcast, remember the length should be about twice your child’s age in minutes. That’s about as long as their attention span is for listening without visual stimulation. Scroll on for the podcasts you need to add to your queue.


Podcasts for Pre-Schoolers

1. The Story Home: This podcast is filled with enchanting, inspiring original tales plus favorite classics. Whether you’re playing it before your kiddo goes to bed or while they’re eating their Cheerios, you can’t go wrong.

2. Stories Podcast: This podcast is fun and family friendly, and you can count on the stories being rated G. The content includes retellings of fairy tales and classics, along with completely original works.

3. Story Time: Here, you’ll discover a simple collection of stories, ranging from 10 -20 minutes, for your kiddo to enjoy.

Podcasts for Elementary School Kids

4. Tumble: Got a fierce scientist on your hands? These episodes explore stories of science discovery. It’s the perfect entertainment for ages 8-12, or the entire family!

5. I’m Just Talking Here: Ollie Wisdom: The cutest, sweetest first grader named Ollie is dishing insight into daily life. This little girl is a #girlboss in the making — just check out episode 10 to see why.

6. Brain’s On: This podcast is a science lesson for your ears. Co-hosted by a different kid each week, this podcast ask probing questions and explores the answers. If you’ve got a curious kid that likes to ask ALL the questions, this will be a perfect fit.

7. TED Talks Kids and Family: Who doesn’t love a good TED talk? Listening to these guys will make you want to get out there and change the world. Share the inspo with your kids and listen to this one together.

Podcasts for Middle School Kids

8. X Minus One: An oldie but a goodie, this podcast is inspired by the old radio of the 1950s, when families would gather around to listen instead of watching TV. Some of the episodes are originals and some are newer versions. Those who love Twilight Zone or Star Trek will be addicted after episode one.

9. Stuff You Should Know: If you’ve got an inquisitive middle schooler and you don’t have all the answers, send them here. This podcast was designed to educate the public about common things and how they work. It will leave you and your kid thinking, “Oh, so that’s how that works!”

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