Enjoying a handcrafted cocktail is all about the experience. Sure, taste, alcohol content and balance of flavors are equally important, but the look and pizzazz of the drink is what makes us go YUM at first glance. So when mere words, numbers and figures won’t do, what better way to know what’s in your drink than to see it in 3D?

London-based illustrator and “paper engineer” (yep, that’s her title) Helen Friel collaborated with illustrator Joe Wilson to concoct a pop-up cocktail menu for the Beaufort Bar at the Savoy Hotel in London. The descriptions of each drink come to life with 3D artwork, with garnishes and ingredients like elderflowers, mint sprigs and tomatoes blooming before your eyes.

Check out the whisky-based Old Blue Eyes cocktail, complete with a pop-up keyboard, microphone and Frank Sinatra head peeking out from behind the front-and-center bevy. This orange-scented signature Savoy cocktail was inspired by the crooner, who was known to stay at the hotel when he was abroad.

With a limited edition of 1,000 in print, you can purchase your own copy of The Beaumont Cocktail book through the hotel’s gift shop. But still, considering the amount of work put into presenting these timeless cocktails, we’re fairly certain that menu will be a bar regular for a while, which gives us time — and an excuse — to plan a visit to Londontown.

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(Images via Distractify)