The art of the folding chair has gone way beyond those terrible metal pieces that we all know and cringe at. We’ve already shared our favorite innovations in the world of convertible furniture, and now we’re turning our attention to furniture you can actually carry round, when you’re on the go. And no, we’re not just talking about camping chairs ;)

1. Nomadic Chair: This gorgeous piece of furniture is a chair that you can carry as a backpack. It’s handmade and manages to complement the natural environment, rather than the brightly colored polyester folding chairs you’re used to seeing in the outdoors.

2. Carry On: This little barrel is a stool that’s designed to allow you to sit wherever you like. It almost looks like a little ice bucket that’s been upholstered. We love all the poppy colors it comes in, and the idea that you can pick it up on your way to a meeting. These would be great to keep in an office lounge area.

3. Plunk Desk: Next up, the desk that inspired this whole roundup! It’s a standing desk that folds into a suitcase, meaning you can take your working desk station anywhere you want. Now, if only that suitcase had wheels… ;)

4. WIKL Stool: Doesn’t this look like a scarf wrapped around a mini saw horse or something? Maybe you could even make something like this yourself. We love that it also looks like a purse with legs.

5. Folding Chair: Now that is a folding chair! This piece is made from renewable bamboo plywood, and composed of three wood parts. Magnets hold the parts in place when “closed” and the seat and back rest are fitted with thick wool felt pads.

6. Cutting Table No. 1: Last, this cardboard table is also one that fits right in a cardboard suitcase. Cleverly placed slats mean you can build this thing in a matter of minutes, and with no additional tools.

Would you carry around any of these pieces of portable furniture? What types of things would you like to be able to fold and carry? Talk to us in the comments below.