Here’s a cold hard fact that we like to ignore on the daily: Seated posture and breathing have a lot to do with your productivity. The folks at Prana know that more than most. That’s why they made a wearable and an app that’ll help you through your long work day, focused and ready at all times.


Unlike previous posture-correcting devices we’ve covered, Prana doesn’t vibrate if you start slouching. Instead, it educates you about how you can improve your mood and overall health by sitting up straight. According to Prana, the secret to reining in stress levels and getting down to business starts with posture. When we’re working, we tend to sit in whatever position we feel most comfortable, but often times that comfy position doesn’t create optimal airflow into our lungs. Depending on how we sit, we may be breathing from our stomachs rather than our lungs. Stomach breathing causes back problems and higher stress levels.


Now that those facts have got us all sitting straight, how does this device work? Prana is a clip-on disk for your pants. It connects to an accompanying app that scores you on posture and breathing. The peeps from Prana understand that sometimes you want to just relax while other times you want to destress and stay alert, which is why the app also provides various breathing exercises, each with a different purpose. These exercises progressively get better and more personalized as the device gains more data about your breathing patterns.


If your long list of new year’s resolutions includes “sitting up straighter,” Prana will be available for purchase for $150 toward the end of January. Pre-order yours now.

What scrunched-up-slouchy position do you always find yourself in? We want to know in the comments below!