From activity-tracking Fitbit to text-receiving smartwatches to Ringlys that tell us when our Uber is arriving, our dream jewelry boxes are filling up with more wearable tech than the plain old gold stuff these days. Jawbone was one of the first on the scene to make your wrist ground zero for any and all health data, and their latest UP3 tracker claims to be the most advanced wearable tracker yet. In other words, tell us more, Jawbone!

The UP3 tracks your sleeping schedule, fitness activities, mood, heart rate and yes, pretty much everything in between. This wearable connects wirelessly through Bluetooth to the UP App (iOS and Android), which not only breaks down all the data it gathered for you, but it also gives you personalized tips based off your health goals. It’s like having the ultimate personal trainer!

Most wearable tech has limitations because of the type of sensor it uses, but the UP3 has a bioimpedance sensor that can detect even the slightest changes. That’s how it knows when you’re eating, how many calories you’ve munched and how much you might wanna burn off in order to maintain that early New Year’s resolution goal you set up with it.

When you’re working out, you don’t need to set the tracker to exercise mode or a different setting. It’ll automatically know that you’re sweating it out based on your heart rate and it’ll log your fitness for you. The Smart Coach helps you to achieve your personal goals faster by encouraging you and pushing you to your fullest potential. It’s even water-resistant up to 10 meters so you can do some Olivia Pope laps with it too.

The UP3 is entirely personalized to your body and health. You can input your personal goals for the ideal amount of sleep you want per night, your target weight or how many calories you want to burn per day. If you’re more motivated to live healthier by having friends or family members keep you in check, it allows you to connect with people you know so can reach higher goals together.

As you use your UP3 more, it’ll get to know you better and can give you helpful recommendations on dietary choices, exercise and sleep times so that you can work toward living a healthier life. The UP3 is not available to purchase yet, but it’ll ring in at $180 when it releases later this year — maybe just in time to employ it in all those 2015 better living goals!

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