Ah, you’re on the road again. You started planning your awesome summer vacay before that little plus sign popped up on your pregnancy test and weren’t anticipating you’d be stuck in a car for 10 hours with all the weirdo aches and pains of growing a human. But you are, so you might as well make the most of it! Whether you’re driving across the country or just a few towns over, check out these need-to-know tips for saving your sanity and keeping comfy during a road trip.

1. Plan ahead for rest stops. You’re probably going to have to pee every 25 minutes or so. That baby is pressing on your bladder, and you don’t want to get stuck squatting under a tree somewhere off the highway. Along with needing some not-so-fancy rest-stop restrooms, you also need a place to stretch your legs and maybe (probably) get something to eat. There are plenty of apps, such as Rest Stop Plus ($2 on iOS), that can help you locate stops along the way.

2. Bring a stash of simple snacks. Your belly already feels rocky. Add the motion of the car and you’ve got the perfect storm for a morning sickness/car sickness disaster. Unsalted pretzels, crackers, gelatin cups, and fruit can all help avoid nausea while on the road. If you have a favorite food that does the trick, make sure to pack plenty of it.

3. Make meal stops count. When you do stop for a full-on meal, avoid anything spicy or highly fatty. These will only add to your morning-car sickness. True, rest stops are kind of famous for super-fatty fast foods, but if possible, stay away from the triple bacon cheeseburger and opt for a grilled chicken sandwich, baked potato, or salad instead.

4. Keep yourself hydrated. Okay, so chugging bottles of water means extra rest-stop breaks, but you need to put your pregnancy above the need for a swift, bathroom break-free trip. Pregnant women need to drink more water than their non-preggo counterparts, and staying hydrated can help soothe morning sickness.

5. Wear your seat belt. It may not always be comfortable to fit your seat belt over your pregnant belly, but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that buckling up is the most important way to protect you and your baby in case of an accident.

6. Bring slippers or comfy socks. …or go barefoot (as long as you aren’t driving). It doesn’t matter how cute your shoes are; a sky-high pair of strappy sandals won’t exactly make your road trip better.

7. Bring baggies. You planned, you prepped, and you made sure to bring the snacks that should keep morning/motion sickness away. And then it happened — you just couldn’t control it. And that’s when you’ll be thanking your lucky stars you brought a baggie.

8. Don’t dress to impress. You’re driving down highways and back roads — there’s no reason to put a cute (read: uncomfortable) little maternity outfit on. Nix the tight, confining clothes and go with sweats. You won’t look glam, but you’ll feel much better than you would wearing skinny jeans.

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