Prepare for Winter With This Game of Thrones Group Costume
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Prepare for Winter With This Game of Thrones Group Costume

Here’s a little behind-the-scenes at B+C secret for you. There are so many of us who are obsessed with Game of Thrones that we even have a Slack channel dedicated to it, and we shamelessly post in it year round. Oh what? You don’t think that’s weird at all? Great, then you’re in the right place, because today we’re going to teach you and your GoT-addicted crew how to dress up as some of the most loved and hated characters from this series for Halloween. We’re going with looks from season seven, and it’s admittedly a little bit more goth than seasons past. Scroll down for the Game of Thrones costumes.


First up, we’ve got the nefarious Cersei Lannister. Draped in a tight black gown in season seven as she takes a seat on the iron throne, Cersei’s darkness continues to shine through.

Materials and Tools:

  • black satin dress
  • black turtleneck
  • black boots
  • silver lace applique
  • old lace tablecloth
  • metallic pewter spray paint
  • glitter
  • hot glue
  • silver tiara

Costume Details: Misty found a long black satin dress at a thrift store and was able to cut the top off and turn it into a high waisted skirt that she paired with a black turtleneck. The lace applique is a combination of a piece of an old tablecloth (also found at the thrift store) and silver appliques that she found at a craft store. Before gluing them with hot glue to the top, she spray painted them with a metallic pewter and then threw rainbow glitter over the top for some sparkle. The tiara is from a craft store but can be found online, if you don’t have any luck finding one in person.

Hair: To fake this super short pixie cut, you can either order a wig or, if your hair is the right color and length, you can pull it up into a twisted high ponytail and then leave the ends of the ponytail out as the bangs around your face. Place the crown over the pony and pin any loose ends in place. So easy to fake it! If all this isn’t an option for you, find any inexpensive reddish blonde wig, and then take your scissors to it and cut it really short.

Makeup: Keep your skin natural and dewy and go minimal on your shadow, mascara, and eyeliner. Rock a peachy-nude lip to pull it together.


Jaime’s attire is as straightforward as his love for his sister. Or is it? (I’m admittedly writing this after only having seen three episodes of the most recent season, and I get the feeling he’s questioning his unwavering dedication to his one true love.)

Materials and Tools:

  • maroon turtleneck
  • long brown leather jacket
  • denim jeans
  • boots
  • faux leather for belt
  • faux sword
  • skeleton glove
  • gold spray paint

Costume Details: This was another thrift store gem! Misty found the long brown leather coat as-is — there were surprisingly a lot to choose from. The belt he wears is long, so she attached the faux leather fabric using hot glue to the belt that came with the jacket. Tuck the sword into the belt wrapped around the jacket to use as your holster. The glove just needs to be spray painted gold to replicate his golden hand. You can probably pull the rest of the look from your closet or the ever faithful Amazon.

JON SNOW Costume

Your friends might have to fight over who gets to be our hero, Jon Snow. May the one with the most dragon glass win! We actually think an entire Jon Snow group costume would be worthwhile. Night’s Watch Jon Snow, Wildling-Lover Jon Snow, Dead Jon Snow, Battling-Ramsey Jon Snow, and King of the North Jon Snow would all be great. But for our costume today, we’re focusing on the most recent version of his character. Cloaked in fur and ready for battle (though when isn’t he), Jon Snow is ready for winter.

Materials and Tools:

  • black cloak
  • faux fur in black and a variety of colors
  • faux black leather
  • faux beige leather
  • gray gloves
  • black shoes
  • hot glue
  • safety pins

Costume Details: Misty ended up buying a black velvet robe from the thrift store and cutting it open to use as the cloak. Just glue or safety pin various pieces of faux fur onto the top of the cloak to create the shoulder piece. Misty was able to find leftover strips of fur for cheap at the craft store. For the armor, fold two yards of the beige faux leather over and cut out the hole for your head. If the sides need to be trimmed to fit your body, go ahead and do that. Then you can create the black faux leather straps in a cross over the upper portion of the armor and either attach with hot glue or safety pins. We used the same beige faux leather to make arm straps and leg wraps.


Sansa’s character development in season seven is highlighted by her attire. As she dons Cersei’s old hairstyle and gets called out by Jon Snow for sounding like she admires the villain, we watch her change and grow into a different woman than we’ve seen in past seasons. (Quit spending time with Little Finger, Sansa!) Hanging out in the north, she’s keeping warm under furs and capes.

Materials and Tools:

  • black cloak
  • faux fur in gray + white
  • gray dress
  • black high-waisted belt
  • silver chain + hoop
  • black boots
  • black satin gloves

Costume Details: Layer the belt over the gray dress, then connect the chain to a silver ring or hoop that you can use to attach the fur around your shoulders. To make the smock and cloak, Misty used a similar method to Jon’s costume: an old satin robe from the thrift store as the base with the fur cut out and pinned or glued to the shoulders. Throw on some satin gloves and some high-waisted boots, and you’re ready to go!

Hair: If you don’t have long red luscious locks, then you can purchase a wig from Amazon! Otherwise pull half up into a ponytail and call it a day.

Makeup: This look is really natural and nude. Add some highlighter to your cheekbones and a deep nude lipstick and shadow to keep the look simple.


The silver-haired queen continues onward, never veering from her path toward glory as the ruler of the seven kingdoms. Talk about making a #lifegoal and sticking to it! Daenerys wins. Not unlike the other ladies of GoT, she is outfitted in darker colors in season seven, a departure from her more vibrantly colored dresses from the days of yore.

Materials and Tools: 

  • deep gray business suit
  • red velvet fabric
  • black boots
  • silver chain
  • silver tape
  • hot glue

Costume Details: It was insanely difficult to find this look, so Misty had to make it! She cut up an old business suit that she found at a thrift store and turned it into a skirt. Then she wrapped the blazer over itself to create the same silhouette. To do this, cut out the center seam along the legs and crotch of the pants, then wrap them over each other to create a skirt. Misty used hot glue to attach it and make the skirt — sewing is for the really advanced :) Create the velvet sash by attaching silver chain to it with silver tape. Misty tried to create the shape of the dragon head with the tape.

Hair: If you have blonde hair, then you can style your own. If not, order a wig off Amazon and follow the same styling tips. Leave out a half-inch section of hair around the perimeter of your face. Then create three inside-out French braids going back toward the center of the back of your head. Connect all three braids using a small elastic, then wrap a piece of hair around the elastic to disguise it. Curl the front parts of your hair into small ringlets and the remaining hair in the back in the same fashion. If you end up with the wig option, be sure that the wig is curly, because you can’t use heat on most costume wigs. They’ll melt :(

Makeup: Go really pale and use whites and creams to play up her look. She is really luminous and has a flawless and bright look.

We’re not sure if all of these characters can really handle being in a room together.

Be sure to get into your role. Practice your facial expressions in the mirror. No shame!

If you and your friends dress up as a GoT group, we want to see what you make! Tweet us a photo @BritandCo.

Authors: Roxy Taghavian and Misty Spinney

Costume Design, Hair + Makeup: Misty Spinney