Mason jars are timeless superstars. Y’all know they’ve crashed our weddings, grown our herbs and maybe we made them carry our cocktails to a picnic once or twice. We use the indestructible old standby for projects aplenty, but here’s one we would have never dreamed of in a million years — a single-station mason jar radio, aka The Public Radio.

Back in February we alerted you to this mason marvel, and we’re bringing it up again because the two Brooklyn engineers who created it are now taking it to Kickstarter, and their fundraising goal has already turned it up to eleven. The radio comes pre-set to your favorite station, in what the designers refer to as radio monogamy. The Public Radio features a pared-down design with just one knob button that turns it on/off and controls the volume. Loyal radio listeners won’t miss unnecessary buttons. The simplicity of having your go-to station in a jar is what makes it so awesome.

DIY enthusiasts can get the Public Radio maker kit with all the necessary parts and instructions to put it together for $35. For $13 more, you can get it assembled and tuned to your station. Rawk.

What station would your Public Radio play? Tell us in the comments!