Pun Intended: Laugh Out Loud With These 20 Punny Gifts
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Pun Intended: Laugh Out Loud With These 20 Punny Gifts

Love puns? Samesies. And I’m a glutton for some straight up pun-ishment. Know someone who fits that description? Better yet, are *you* someone that fits that description? Then we’ve got a rather pun-chy gift guide just for you. Bonus: All of these goodies are made by Etsy makers, so you’re supporting the maker movement WHILE you pun. What’s not to love?

1. Alpaca Bag ($9.13): You tote-ally need this tote.

2. Bae-thoven Enamel Pin ($13): We think good ol’ Ludwig would approve.

3. Dreaming of a Dwight Christmas Ornament ($16): I also happen to be dreaming of office supplies floating in jello molds ;)

4. T.G.I. Fryday ($28): Let’s be serious — on Fridays, fries are basically their own food group.

5. No Thanks, I’m Gouda Pin ($10): But is it brie you’re looking for?

6. Purrito Tee ($28): Cat, meet burrito. We think you’ll be lifelong friends.

7. All That Glitters is Goldblum Print ($14): Genius. Sheer genius.

8. Kale Yeah Mason Jar ($13): If you can’t get enough of that green juice, might as well drink up in style.

9. Slice Slice Baby ($22): Alright stop, collaborate and slice it.

10. Danny DoRito Tee ($25): Two American heroes, together at last.

11. Happy Challah Days Jersey ($55): And while we’re on the topic, I ain’t no challah-back girl.

12. Fart Breaker Pin ($9): Breaking hearts and farts, one pin at a time.

13. Flanye West Magnet ($8): Don’t worry, imma let you finish that flan.

14. I’m All That and Dim Sum Onesie ($18): Forcing your baby to make dad jokes before they can even speak? Seems fair.

15. Everyday I’m Brusslin’ Tote ($16): Even Rick Ross can get behind a tote that promotes eating your greens.

16. Turn Up the Beet Printable ($5): And after you’ve printed this and are ready to frame it, you’ll need to… turn the beet around ;)

17. I’ll Guac Your World Tank ($22): Honestly, guacamole *does* rock our worlds.

18. That’ll Brie Nice Tote ($15.66): Won’t you brie a dear and pass me the cheese?

19. I Love You a Latke Card ($3.50): What higher compliment is there than comparing your love of someone to the best potato pancakes ever?

20. Olive You Onesie ($22): Finally, a classic play on olives. Olive you. Olive juice. Olive puns.

Let the pun-ishment begin!

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