Girls, we all have those well-intentioned mornings when we just don’t save enough time for appropriate hair care. And us long-haired ladies know we have a lot of real estate to take care of in a short period of time. These 12 hairstyles all take under 10 minutes, and will knock all those Monday morning blues right to the curb! You can strut your stuff any morning, whether you’re sporting second-day hair, long hair, I-just-woke-up-hair or all of the above!

1. Voluminous Curls: Create these va-va-voom curls by dividing your hair into eight different sections. Then, curl and pin before giving the curls a quick brush-through. There you go! (via Brit + Co)

2. Casual Waves: These carefree waves can be mastered with a little bit of dry shampoo and a few random curls around your head. Polish the look off with a bit of backcombing! (via Brit + Co)

3. Knotty Ponytail: We love this totally amped-up take on the traditional pony. After fastening your low pony, you literally knot strands of your hair to create this fun look! (via Brit + Co)

4. Caterpillar Ponytail: Try this twist on the traditional ponytail! Just do a sleek ponytail, then add elastic bands three inches apart along the pony. Loosen the hair in between the elastic bands to create the poof look. (via Brit + Co)

5. Fake Bangs: This look is a great way to change up your regular look! Just section off the front of your hair, twist and secure with bobby pins. At the end, stick on a beanie! Perfect for a Saturday! (via Brit + Co)

6. Thick Braid: This chic braid is totally doable for all you French braid gurus. Backcomb the top of your ‘do to create tons of volume, then start French braiding. Not a French-braider? No problem! Finish the look off with a traditional braid. (via Cosmopolitan)

7. Space Age Pony: This look is easy-peasy to pull off. After you smooth and fasten your ponytail, add an elastic band two inches down the ponytail, then repeat with a third band. Ta-da! (via Brit + Co)

8. Beach Waves: Add some excitement to you ‘do with beach waves! After a few spritzes of sea salt and some twists of a heat wand, you’ll look textured and care-free in no time! (via Brit + Co)

9. Faux Shaved Head: We are loving this take on the side shave. Create a dramatic part (with 3/4ths of your hair on one side), then braid away! We recommend a French braid or Dutch braid, but a traditional braid will also give a similar effect! (via Kouture Kiss)

10: Pony Twist: How fun is this look?! All you do is divide your hair in half, tie your hair in a knot and pull tight! After pinning the knot to your head, you’re finished! The best part? Not only can you rock this when you’re lacking an elastic band, it works best with dirty hair! (via Irrelephant)

11. Criss-Cross Hair: This is a great variation to the classic half-up ponytail, and it’s just as easy as it looks. Just grab a section of hair, pull it to the opposite side and pin. Repeat four-to-five times. (via Good Housekeeping)

12. Topknot: This roundup would not be complete without a topknot! All you need is a bobby pin and a hair tie. Twist your hair into a ponytail, then form your ponytail into a bun and fasten! This look takes less than a minute! Also try the low bun! (via The Freckled Fox)

Love these 10-minute ‘dos? Which will you try in the morning? Tell us in the comment below!