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RaeLynn’s Modern-Boho-Western Apartment Makeover Is A Serene Songwriting Retreat

This Eclectic Nashville Apartment Is Boho-Western At Its Finest

RaeLynn’s New Nashville Apartment Makeover Is Giving Us Total Boho-Country Vibes

If you’ve ever heard country music star RaeLynn’s music, it’ll be no surprise that her Nashville apartment is filled with heart, character, and tons of unique touches. The “Queens Don’t” singer and The Voice alum teamed up with HomeGoods to create a space that’s 100% her, mixing vintage family heirlooms and fun new pieces in a colorful, playful juxtaposition that’s befitting a true country Queen.

“When we moved into our new home a little less than a year ago, I really wanted to build out a space that sparked creativity to write music,” RaeLynn told us. Staying inspired during the songwriting process is key, so RaeLynn gravitated toward pieces that spoke to her, “like the fuzzy pink bench for the piano or the vibrant blue couch to play my guitars on.” Then, she mixed these with her own treasured heirlooms to create a new-meets-vintage vibe. “These fun pieces really helped bring my Memaw’s beautiful piano and my beloved turquoise guitar to life in a way that was even more ‘me’ than before. I love that I could bring the old and the new together so seamlessly and stylishly!” she says.

In a space meant for songwriting, comfy seating options are a must. “I do most of my songwriting in the space now!” says RaeLynn. “The music room has become a part of my routine. I like to start my day there with a cup of coffee to get the creative juices flowing. I just love that I can grab a guitar off the wall or sit down at the piano to sing and write. One of my favorite places to brainstorm new music in is the wicker chair in the corner; it’s just so unique and unexpected and makes me feel like a queen!” (Very fitting for the songwriter, considering her latest single’s royal theme.) “When I saw it I fell in love instantly – literally jumping up and down I was beyond ecstatic about the find – and knew I had to make it my ‘writing chair’,” she says.

Pattern-mixing was key to achieving RaeLynn’s layered look, beginning with some boho area rugs and extending to all manner of textiles throughout the space. In spite of the riot of patterns, the look works. “It all effortlessly ties to my style of modern meets western with a touch of bohemian,” she says. Dolly Parton is RaeLynn’s “idol”, so finding a way to pay homage to the legendary singer was essential. These shadow boxes do the trick. “Dolly has always been such a huge artistic role model for me. Thinking of her path and listening to her music motivates me to keep driving my own career forward…Now whenever I’m stuck, I can look to her on my wall and feel inspired,” RaeLynn tells us.

RaeLynn set up some space for entertaining, too… a good thing, considering how her inner circle is responding to her new home. “My family and friends are obsessed with the new space! I love that when you walk into my house, you can tell that someone who loves to create lives here. I believe creativity is life and my home reflects that now,” she says. Think we can get an invite to your next songwriting sesh, RaeLynn?

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(Images via Matt Harrington for HomeGoods)