We like ALL things colorful here at Brit HQ, so it’s no surprise that we fell hard for the rainbow food trend that’s dominating Pinterest and Instagram right now. From its rainbow bagels to super decadent and eye-catching desserts, this colorful fare will satisfy all adventure-seeking, ROYGBIV-loving hearts (and tummies!) everywhere. In order to keep the rainbow trend alive, we’ve been scanning our feeds 24/7 for the best rainbow food goodness and DIYing a whole bunch ourselves. Scroll on for 12 of the most outrageous rainbow foods that will satisfy all your color cravings. Then get ready to taste the rainbow!


1. Rainbow Pancake Pops: The only thing better than pancakes is rainbow pancakes on a stick. Go on and drizzle them with real maple syrup. This one’s a no-mess, color-filled meal. (via Made to Be a Momma)


2. Dr. Seuss Cookies: These rainbow pinwheel cookies are rolled in colorful sprinkles for a sweet finishing touch. Want to know the secret to those vibrant rainbow colors? Gel food coloring and some good twisting skills. (via Deliciously Declassified)


3. Mini Rainbow Donuts: If there’s one thing we love more than color, it’s breakfast. So we just *had* to try our hand at rainbow donuts. These little guys are baked — no fancy equipment required — and taste like a rainbow heaven. (via Brit + Co)


4. Rainbow Meringue Cake: Colorful meringue “pancakes” are stacked up and layered with real whipped cream for a towering effect. This amazing-looking dessert can be both a centerpiece and a final sweet treat at your next part-ay. (via Redbook)


5. Color Wheel Cake: This gorgeous rainbow cake looks impressive, but you can DIY it no prob. Check out the step-by-step and pick up an individual slice cake pan for a super easy dessert. (via Brit + Co)


6. Rainbow S’mores: The secret to these rainbow s’mores is the rainbow marshmallows you make yourself. After one bite of these ‘mallows, you’ll never go back to those plain ol’ white fluffers. (via Studio DIY)


7. Rainbow Bread: If rainbow bagels and Mardi Gras cake had a baby, it would look and taste a little something like this. This would make a colorful Homer Simpson-style towering sandwich, or could be eaten fairy-bread style, with butter and sprinkles. (via Brit + Co)


8. Taste the Rainbow Jello: This parfait is made with layers of jello and cool whip. It takes some time, so save it for the next rainy day to bring a little sunshine into your kitchen. (via Glorious Treats)


9. Rainbow Mac ‘n’ Cheese: This bowl full of color is as easy to make as ordinary mac ‘n’ cheese, but a whole lot more fun to eat. Just add coloring to the cheese sauce before mixing in pasta. (via Brit + Co)


10. Rainbow Swirl Buttercream Frosting: While some rainbow frosting would call for multiple pastry bags, this method mixes all the colors into one. The result is this beautiful rainbow swirl which makes every cupcake unique and magical. (via The Bewitchin’ Kitchen)


11. Rainbow Grilled Cheese: Goodbye, plain ol’ boring grilled cheese. Now that we know the secret to rainbow cheese sauce, ROYGBIV sandwiches are our new best friend. (via Brit + Co)


12. Double Rainbow Cake: Our colorful layer cake is rainbow from the inside out. Frosted with white fluff or icing, it’s decked out in frozen M&M candies as a final touch. (via Brit + Co)

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