You are not that person who leaps out of bed like a happy bunny, are you? Good. Us either. And though we’ve seen some pretty awesome apps and alarm clocks in our day, Ramos is a “lean, mean, morning machine” designed to get you up and anywhere except for your bed. Hitting the snooze button just got a lot harder.

Ramos is currently funding on Kickstarter, and the concept is pretty cool. In order to turn it off, you have to get out of bed and bring your phone close to the Ramos Beacon, which is a little device that you put somewhere else in your house like the kitchen or bathroom (or maybe near your running shoes) — wherever you like to start your day. If you think you might try to cheat the system, you can implement a code that you have to plug in to defuse the alarm, so both your brain and your body wake up.

That’s the standard alarm, but there’s also a whole bunch of mental and physical tasks you can set for yourself to turn off the alarm. You might have to play a mind game or even do some jumping jacks before it’ll go off. Because it’s so strict with you, waking up at that same time daily should set up a good sleep routine (not the one where you set the alarm an hour earlier just so you can hit snooze a bunch of times) and get more out of your mornings.

There are even more additional features that are quite awesome as well. Ramos can actually integrate with other smart home devices to gradually increase light to help wake you up gradually or turn on your heat so the bed isn’t quite so cozy on a cold morning, or even make you coffee so it’s waiting when you get up.

If you’re interested in backing Ramos, you should, because they still need support from pledgers on Kickstarter to reach their goal. $99 or more will get you a sleek white or black Ramos and wake-up beacon. $5,000 or more will get you the original handmade Nixie version of Ramos (pictured below), which is rather adorable despite its ridiculous price.

Would you let this mean little device into your bedroom? Let us know in the comments!