If mornings aren’t your strong suit, designer Joshua Renouf has just the thing for you — an alarm clock that doubles as a coffeemaker. Heck, even if you’re 100% a morning person, this gadget is still a great thing to wake up with. Don’t worry; it’s nothing like a dated, clunky old teasmade that screeches at you when it wants to be drank. The Barisieur is beautiful and sleek — an ideal coffee accessory.

When the clock strikes, the coffeemaker starts boiling water by moving the metal balls around (induction heating FTW), creating a soothing clinking sound that wakes you up. Of course, the smell of freshly brewed coffee right next to your nose also plays a role in shaking you from your slumber. All you need to do is prep your grounds, milk and sugar before you go to bed and then set your alarm.

This product would be a nifty addition to any coffee connoisseur’s collection of gear. It’s not on the market yet, but you can bet it’s something we won’t sleep on.

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(h/t Daily Mail)