Like a collabo of Wikipedia, Urban Dictionary and IMDB-for-ODB, we have relied on for our most crucial fact checking since we were all, “who IS the best Drake’s ever had anyways??” Well, it’s time to pop a bottle of Cristal to celebrate hip hop’s most exciting birth since Blue Ivy: the Genius by Rap Genius app. (And another to celebrate this incredible surfboard GIF h/t Rap Genius.)

In a modern day tale of supply and demand, where the demand is that pressing need to prove your friend wrong about Surfboard‘s meaning right then and there at brunch, the Genius app was born because the site saw more than half of their traffic coming from mobile devices. And just like the popular dot com, you can login and annotate your way to becoming the authority on rap, rock, poetry, even news.

Not only will Genius solve all of your rap battles going forward, the app scans what you already have in your iTunes library (including what’s currently playing) to give you instant access to those lyrics. Bust out your phone at a concert to Shazam using their patented Genius Recognition Technology and discover the true definition of what’s bumpin’ in da club. Although, please be aware of what fact checking at said club might do for your street cred.

‘Fess up: What’s the last song you looked up on Rap Genius? And what other reference apps do you have on your phone?