Whether you love to bike on the weekends for fun, or you commute on a daily basis, we’re all about serving up new innovative ways to rock your ride here at Brit HQ. Safety is important to us, too (let’s be honest, sometimes you need more than a helmet and a bike light when you’re cycling). The newest gadget we’re digging? RearViz, a device that helps you get where you’re going safely and in style.

RearViz is an armband with a rear vision mirror attached. Once you secure the band to your arm, the convex mirror allows you see everything that’s going on in your rear view (hence the name). You can check out the road behind you or oncoming traffic without having to turn your head. Pretty cool. Plus, since it’s not attached to your handlebars or helmet, you can adjust it as you ride.

It’s stylish, lightweight, and comfortable, too. RearViz currently comes in five colors: black, blue, green, orange, and purple. Bonus: The colored inserts are interchangeable! The standard model retails for as low as $32.99, and you can choose from four different armband lengths.

Interested in trying out RearViz on your next bike ride? You can order one here.

What do you think of RearViz? Are there any other cool bike gadgets we should know about? Let us know in the comments below!