It was just yesterday that Flatliners star Ellen Page came forward with accusations of homophobia and sexual harassment against X-Men: The Last Stand director Brett Ratner. Now, another Hollywood starlet is sharing her own harrowing experiences in the industry, taking to Twitter to make her voice heard.

Rebel Wilson, who has been busy making people laugh overseas, is now taking time out to address the sexual harassment she says she endured by a male actor in “a position of power.”

According to the Pitch Perfect 3 star, the individual in question asked her to go into a room with him and some of his friends, at which point he asked her to perform lewd acts. Though she refused multiple times, his friends tried to embarrass her just the same, attempting to record the altercation with their iPhones before she eventually left the room.

Wilson, 37, says that she took immediate action following the occurrence, calling her agent to file a complaint with the studio to ensure that she’d be able to leave the project should a follow-up incident occur.

Later, she says the man’s representative reached out with a warning, telling her to “be nice” and support his client, a request she refused.

She also recalls being spared a second encounter with a separate individual whom she calls a “top director” that she believes invited her to his hotel room with less-than-perfect intentions. The comedian says it was a call from his angry wife that tipped her off that everything was not as it should have been, spurring her to leave the scene.

She ended her Tweet chain by letting victimized women and men know that they weren’t alone, and that moving forward, should she ever find herself or someone else in a similar predicament, she would “no longer be POLITE,” adding, “Interpret that as you will.”

(Photos via Scott Barbour + Ian Gavan/Getty)