We’re coming up on that time of year again. While we can’t wait to get in lots of quality time with our families, we also have to deal with the inevitable holiday travel, packed airports and sitting on planes for hours. If you’re finding yourself dreading your upcoming trip, try re-framing the in-flight experience. This year, create your own spa-like oasis and achieve total relaxation with these simple tips and products:


1. Pocket Atomiser Spray ($6): Don’t underestimate the power of smell when it comes to making you feel relaxed and comfortable in a cramped space. Spritz on your favorite scent when you need a little refresher.


2. “Escape Plan” Travel Set ($30): Consider this set your one-stop hair shop for your long flight. That red-eye may leave your hair tangled and greasy, but it’s nothing some dry shampoo, a brush and cream can’t fix. You’ll leave your flight feeling refreshed and looking flawless.


3. Classic Alpaca Cape ($195): This cape is soft. It’s made from 100% baby alpaca. You will literally feel like you’ve been lovingly enveloped in a cloud, and you’ll look pretty stylish too. Wrap it around yourself when the cabin gets cold.


4. No. 53 Chamomile ($10): Add a touch of coziness by skipping the in-flight coffee and opting for your own go-to tea. All you’ll need is some hot water. Prepare tea bags ahead of time from your favorite loose leaf tea. If you really want to treat yourself, Bellocq Tea Atelier has some delicious options. Their organic Egyptian Chamomile tea will have you feeling relaxed in no time.


5. Foldable Clothes Cleaner ($3): Okay, so as soon as you land you’ll probably be seeing all of your family. And friends. As in, maybe they’re congregated at the meeting point. You want to look at least somewhat presentable. This compact clothes cleaner should do the trick for that memorable first impression.


6. La Paz Compression Socks ($30): Compression socks help to maintain blood flow and prevent muscle cramps. Those are reasons enough to don a pair on your next flight, but if you’re still on the fence and associate compression socks with your grandpa’s wardrobe, check out the lovely designs at Marvy’s.


7. Dang Coconut Chips ($36 per 12-pack): Round out your spa-like experience with some tasty (and healthy) coconut chips. These chips have that satisfying crunch-factor and come in scrumptious flavors like savory bacon and chili lime.


8. Sleep Mask ($16): We couldn’t do a roundup without including at least one adorable sleep mask. This one is super cute and gets the job done.


9. Laneige Water Sleeping Mask ($23): Who says you have to accept the fact that the pressurized cabin will turn your skin into a dehydrated mess, causing you to break out at the most inconvenient moment? Prevent your skin from drying out on the flight with this sleeping mask that targets dehydrated skin. Its orange flower, rose and sandalwood scent will have you lulled to sleep before those cabin lights turn off.


10. Ultimate Strength Hand Salve ($15): You’ve probably noticed that during long flights your skin can end up feeling dry and taut. One trick to staying comfortable on a long plane ride is to give your skin some much-needed hydration. Protect your hands with a heavy-duty salve that will leave your skin feeling refreshed.


11. Women’s Knockout Headphones ($100): Maybe there’s a crying baby in the seat next to you, or maybe you really just want to get in your own zone and listen to your favorite jam. Whatever the reason, these headphones will help you stay in your own little world.


12. Smith’s Rosebud Salve ($6): Smith’s Rosebud Salve is a cult favorite for a reason: It works. And it’s been working since 1895. It’s especially recommended for preventing chapped lips, but it has many other uses as well. Keep it handy and use it on your eyes, cuticles, sunburn, dry skin and frizzy hair.


13. Inflatable Travel HoodiePillow ($25): You’ve got your eye mask, your soft cape/blanket, your chamomile tea. All you need now to complete your cocoon is a neck pillow. The ingenious inflatable HoodiePillow will fit in your carry-on and comes with some built-in privacy. It’s perfect for creating your own little space in a crowded plane.


14. ‘Tunes 4 Two’ Wrapped Headphones Audio Splitter ($10): For those of you who are sharing your flight with someone else — someone you’d like to share a movie or some jams with — an audio splitter is key. Go ahead — get comfortable, and watch Roman Holiday before landing in The Eternal City yourself.


15. Stress Away Essential Oil ($39): Airplanes can be stressful places — the antithesis of relaxation. Maybe it’s the cramped quarters or the screaming babies or the unpleasant smells or simply the fact that you’re flying at an altitude of 39,000 feet. No big deal. Whatever your particular stressors, Young Living’s Stress Away essential oil can help put your mind at ease. Put it in a roller and try it for yourself.

What are your go-to travel products you’ll be packing this season? Tell us in the comments below!