Can you believe Re:Make was almost four weeks ago? Time flies! We’ve already recapped the best of day one here and the best of day two here and here. They were two action-packed days of DIY and creativity. But, you didn’t think we’d leave you hanging without a tech wrap up, did you?! Our conference was all about discussing how digital innovations are revolutionizing the way we make. From a robot roaming Fort Mason to 3D printing on our Brit + Co. MakerBot and a flying drone (!) that took live footage of the event, day two had a major techie twist. Read on for more!

littleBits: littleBits brought more than a “little bit” of fun to our day two showcase. Attendees got to try fun LED DIY projects at their station. What are littleBits? They’re sets of electronic modules that snap together with magnets to power things like fans, tiny motors, and of course—LED lights. What does that mean exactly? littleBits pieces snap together (almost like LEGOs) to give your DIY projects the ultimate LED glow. Oh, and if you’re still looking for a Halloween costume, look no further. Whip up a few of our DIY LED headbands and you’re good to go!

Bow & Drape: We were lucky enough to have Aubrie Pagano from Bow & Drape join us for BOTH days of Re:Make. She participated in our Fashion + Tech panel on day one, discussing creative expression in a fast fashion era. On day two, Bow & Drape had its very own Make Station and was 3D printing accessories ON SITE! Everyone had the chance to design a custom t-shirt or sweatshirt on the spot, too. Get the full lowdown on Bow & Drape here.

TechShop San Francisco: Have you heard of TechShop? They’re a community-based workshop where makers can go to create. Their space is decked out with cutting-edge tools and equipment. From milling machines and vinyl cutters to band saws and spot welders, TechShop has got you covered. We loved having them at Re:Make—attendees got to DIY fabric LED cuffs at their Make Station. Who knew felt could be so chic?

Lumi: We’ve been obsessed with Lumi and their Inkodye since we wrote about it last year. If you’re unfamiliar with Inkodye, it’s a sunlight-activated fabric dye. Jesse Genet, one of the founders, joined us for an inventor chat on day one of Re:Make. It was a hit. On day two, Lumi had their own Make Station complete with Inkodye tutorials, samples, and a variety of dyes.

Shapeways: Christina Westbrook represented Shapeways at our artisan showcase. Christina is one of the top Shapeways shop owners and she brought loads of 3D printed jewelry and various tech accessories. You can check out her full collection here. The best part? She prints in gold plated brass.

Did you stop by Fort Mason for Re:Make on October 5th? What did you love most? Talk to us in the comments below!