It doesn’t matter if your fitness passion lies in yoga or tough-love HIIT workouts — if you live in a small space and don’t have time to hit the gym, getting a workout in can be a major hassle. Between worrying about waking up your neighbors and making sure you have enough space to complete a proper plank, exercising can be more work than reward. Luckily, YouTube workouts exist, and we’ve rounded up one for every day of the week, specifically tailored to breaking a sweat in small spaces. Grab your mat or your dumbbells and get ready to torch some serious calories.


1. 40 Min. Silent but Deadly Low Impact “Quiet” HIIT Workout: The always energetic Millionaire Hoy will get your heart pumping with this 40 minute HIIT workout that contains four circuits of 10 exercises each. Not for the faint of heart, this workout was built for serious fitness babes. (via Millionaire Hoy)


2. The Most Effective Tiny Apartment Workout: All you need to dedicate to the rockstars at POPSUGAR is 10 minutes and enough room for a yoga mat to get a killer full-body workout. Inspired by Orange Is the New Black, this routine was specifically designed to burn big time calories in super small spaces. (via POPSUGAR Fitness)


3. Quiet Cardio Workout — Low Impact No Bounce Recovery Cardio Workout: Consisting of two rounds, this video has you powering through 10 quiet cardio moves for 50 seconds each. No equipment is needed; just grab your fave spot in your dorm or studio apartment and be on your way. (via FitnessBlender)


4. Like Money Apartment Friendly POP Cardio: We can always count on Cassey to bring us a high-energy, fun cardio workout that we won’t dread. Plus, the quick sequence — less than 10 minutes — doesn’t include any running or jumping moves so your neighbors won’t be annoyed. (via blogilates)


5. How to Work Out in Tiny Apartment: Whether you’re living cramped in NYC, San Francisco or anywhere in between, getting a great workout in shouldn’t come at the expense of rent. The pros at MetroHealth offer quick tips on how to make the most out of your small space and maximize your burn. (via MetroPlus Health Plan)


6. 10 Min Abs Workout: One of the easiest ways to utilize the space you’re given is to focus on one key area. This 10-minute ab workout will have your obliques burning well before the timer is up, thanks to 10 core-crushing exercises that last 45 seconds each. (via FitnessBlender)


7. Quiet Cardio Shhhh! With Coach Nicole & Cassey Ho: Coach Nicole from joins Cassey to bring you an arsenal of quiet cardio moves that keep you light on your feet while getting your heart rate up. Hello, early morning sweat session. (via blogilates)

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(Featured image via POPSUGAR Fitness)